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Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't Mess With Me and My Baby!

Letter to an Unknown:

Dear A$$wipe,

Thank you so much for feeling the need to run my car off the Gene Snyder Freeway this afternoon in your light colored sedan. I really appreciated the opportunity to check the stability and control of my SUV at highway speeds.

What I didn't appreciate is the fact that you almost killed myself and my precious cargo (my baby). I should have let you hit me and let your insurance fix a new Land Rover, however, out of motherly concern for the safety of my child (something which you obviously do not have) I swerved off the road and nearly crashed... because of you.

Luckily for you, although I have your license plate number (4812AN) and know the proximity of where you live, I probably can't do anything about your attempted hit and run. However, I do believe in karma... so I would really drive carefully on the bad roads tomorrow :)

I hope you got to where you needed to go on time by cutting me off ...

Lovingly and a middle finger,

Concerned Mommy and Pissed Off Driver


Anonymous said...

Oh sister I can completely relate! I find myself consumed with anger and frustration while dealing with dumb drivers at rush hour. Although I don't have a child in my car, I can only imagine how much more infuriating it would be. Love your blog!

Allison Shaw

cwu1126 said...

Hi there, I believe you responded to my questions about the Felicia Coat on J.Crew Aficionada. I just wanted to say thanks!!!

I might pull the trigger on this one and give it a shot. But I do have one more questions if you don't mind..

Since the pleat on the back aligns to the waist more or less, do you think an additional 2 inches in length will make the coat look funny on me? as in, would the coat fall in the wrong places?

Thank you again!!