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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Spring!!

Spring is definitely here! How do I know? Well, there are a couple of clear-cut, indisputable signs!

1.) We almost turned our A/C on Saturday afternoon!
2.) I received my first official Kentucky-issued sunburn this weekend!

Saturday was also Thunder Over Louisville, which mean ... It's Derby time in the Ville and I am seriously so excited! As noted in a previous post, the outdoor activities surrounding Derby week (particularly those involving beer and bands: aka, Chow Wagon, etc...) are some of my favorite things about the Spring! My Oaks and Derby outfits are picked out (pink on Oaks, of course... for their breast cancer awareness event!) and hanging neatly in my closet (pics coming soon!) and all I need are a few finishing jewelry touches! Well, that's not entirely true....

As you know, Jamie and I went to Jamaica about three weeks ago, which was not particularly conducive to my 'eating healthier and working out to get in shape' resolution. In short, when we returned, my Derby dress was too tight in the hip area!!!! Not kidding!!! After the many expletives could be heard coming from my closet, I once again made a vow to work out and TRY to eat better and drink less in hopes that the 5-6 vacation pounds might melt off in time for Derby! I haven't tried it on in the last week ... I'll keep you posted on that, as well. Until then, I've been going to the gym about 4-5 times a week, plus walking!! Fingers crossed!

Off topic, we went to Costco today and it was INSANELY crowded!!! What's up with that? It was also pouring down rain, so the parking lot was a cluster-you-know-what, too! It's kind of funny because in the midst of the "huge recession" this country is going through, every shopping arena we have visited lately has been SO CROWDED... even on weekdays!! Maybe it's just everyone being excited about Derby!

I'll leave you with a pic of Connor doing his first pee-pee on the big boy potty (yes, this is the way we talk in our house now ... pathetic!) and Easter!

Connor's first big-boy pee!! (And, yes, I realize he'll hate me for posting this when he is in middle and high school ... but I'll also have incredible black mail pics!)

Easter with our family .... hahaha!

Picking the "flowers"!

Easter morning! The Easter Bunny came!

Such a goober!


Abby said...

Linz, he's so cute! I can't believe how big he's getting. You're going to have a two-year-old on your hand before you know it.

Becks will be one in June and I can hardly believe it. Time sure flies with these kiddos around!

Amy said...

Haha...I love Connor's hair in the potty pic! Soooo cute!