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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Connor's First Day of Preschool!

Connor's first day of 2-Day Twos preschool was Monday the 24th and it went very very well! I didn't even cry until they actually took him out of my arms and he was crying "momma momma" as they headed into the school - so I think I did pretty well! They told me I could call the office any time to see how he was doing .... and I even kept myself from doing that! I just knew he was going to be fine! He had a blast at the conference and visiting his teachers last week, so I felt comfortable that he would adjust seamlessly!

Preschool bag

Breakfast of Champion Preschoolers - Eggos and Bananas!

Yeah, he knows he's cute!
Ready to go!

The school reported back that he slept about 90 minutes during naptime and ate only a little of his lunch (standard!) Tuesday, he brought home his first painting/ drawing for the fridge! My little man is such a big boy now!

Can you say: prodigy!? ;)
I can't wait to go and peek in on him while at school one day! I'm sure it's about the cutest thing ever!


Unknown said...

what a little stud! i can't believe he's going to school, it seems like just yesterday he was a baby! baby #2 soon? ;)

Bead Up said...

He looks like a little JCrew model! LOVE IT!