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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ft. Myers - And We're Home Again for a While!

Finally, pics from our recent vacation to Ft. Myers Beach!! We stayed at a great little timeshare complex that is directly on the beach. Connor freakin' loves the sand and ocean (more than I do I'm afraid) so the entire week went very smoothly - we even had good weather, which we weren't sure about during the rainy/ hurricane season!

Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary at Matanza's on the waterfront

Sanibel Island

Daddy and Connor napping

On a side note (and this is really random), it occurred to me while we were flying home from Florida how similar airplane travel is to preschool. It actually made me laugh out loud a little bit. There is a specified snack time.... you get one little packet of cookies and juice, if you ask for it! They'll also bring you a little blankie and pillow for a nap. You are told when you can and cannot stand up and go to the bathroom. There are certain words you aren't supposed to say (ie. bomb, etc...). I'm not sure where that even came from - but that's the kind of things you start thinking about when you're bored on a plane! There are other familiar similarities if you think about it! Share in the comment section if you think of any more!!


LRA said...

haha, laughing about your little story on how similar flying is to preschool!! how sad is that??!!! love the pic's -----your connor is so cute. I know when we took Jacob (my boy is two and a half) to florida, (my parents live in Sarasota, so we go down a lot!!) he LOVES the beach!!! it's so awesome, to spend time as a family, isn't it??!!

Mommy Webb said...

Can I just say that I love his long, curly hair. He is getting so grown up!

MarieP said...

LOL! You are so right about preschool and an airplane! They teach a lesson that nearly everyone in the class knows about, then they feed you and you take a nap. Plus, you have assigned seats, and yes they are squabbled over (I want the window!!!)

MarieP said...

You are also likely to get sick and can't wait until you can go outside after being cramped up for so long.

My lunches were much better than the airplane though. My mom actually fed me!

MarieP said...

And the stewardesses aren't paid much...