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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

28 Weeks - I'm Complaining .... You Were Warned!

We have officially hit the third trimester. Yay!  And I have to say, there is a big difference between my first and second pregnancy.  I've found myself already complaining that I want this to be over with.  Then I feel bad because I know this is the last time I'll be pregnant, so I should enjoy it (ahh, the beginning of the 'mommy guilt' ... it starts before the baby is even born!)  Here's what's be going on...

This baby is a freakin' acrobat.  Seriously.  I do not remember this with Connor.  I remember movement, but nothing to this extent.  With this little guy, he rolls and jumps around so much that it makes my stomach hurt and literally shakes the bed at night!  ahh!  I mean, I'm glad that the baby is moving so much because it's a good sign, but this is crazy!  And when it's not a crazy circus going on in there, it feels like that feeling you get in your stomach when you have a bad stomach virus and something 'bad' is about it happen... you know what I mean.

Anyway, just add this to the constant heartburn, nighttime reflux, and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and .... I'm done. 

Is it July yet? 

And don't think I haven't done this math....

9 more weeks until the baby is 37 weeks and considered full-term. 

I never really felt this way with Connor .... I think because we were scared to death of what our life was going to be like once he was born, so I was willing to put up with any symptoms of him being inside me!!  But this time around, I know we're ready and I'm feeling anxious to get the rough first 3 months over with!

Alright, I'm finished complaining!  Thanks for listening!

The good news is, my glucose test was fine, and everything else health wise is really ok.  I started going to a physical therapist for my back and sciatica pain a couple weeks ago and the improvement has been like 95% with just 3 consultations... awesome!    Here we are at 28 weeks...

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Mommy Webb said...

The bump is looking good!!!! You are coming around the home stretch - so exciting.