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Monday, December 1, 2008

Gymboree Time = Mommy Talk Time

We went to our weekly Gymboree class this morning (courtesy of Jamie's mom for a year as a gift for Connor's 1st Birthday) and I suddenly realized that infant play dates are SO much more about the mommies talking than the socializing of babies... and do babies even socialize?? or need to? Anyway...
When we get to Gymboree, Connor, as always, heads to the large plastic bin of primary colored balls and starts flinging them all into the floor. Meanwhile, I make mindless conversation with the other moms who are watching their respective tots climb on puffy ramps or crawl through nylon tunnels about Black Friday, how long they breast-fed, the best luxury SUV's and the in-laws coming in for Christmas. There's no doubt some of these convos quickly turn into one-up conversations ... but it's all friendly mommy-time fun, right!? ;)
For some of us, this might be the only outlet we have to talk about such things and we take full advantage of it. Who else can we discuss these topics with (obviously not your husband who has little insight as to what it's like to cook, clean, shower, shop, AND be a mom all in the same day ... ok, sometimes I don't get to shower) so this really is the perfect storm of women desperate to have a conversation with someone other than their one-year-old.... and with other women who are not completely discussed nor bored with the topics you wish to discuss.
I love it because you can always tell the mom or three or more because she actually will take he eye off her child for more than a nano-second and doesn't even flinch when another child (ok, normally Connor) throws a ball at her precious angel's head.

So, that was my day so far .... well, that, and cleaning up dog puke from the carpet for hours on end ... but that's for another post!

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