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Monday, May 4, 2009

Oaks & Derby Pics!!!

We are still in recovery mode from going going going for days straight, so I really have to go to sleep ... but I really want to post some pics from this weekend!! They are in backwards order ... sorry! The pics where I'm wearing a yellow dress and hat are from Derby, the pink pencil skirt and cardigan with pink flower headband are from Oaks, and the last picture is from the boat race!!

At our house before leaving for the Derby!

My outfit! I caved and bought a hat!!

Getting ready to walk into Millionaire Row!

Our view from Millionaire Row!!

Oaks Day!!
A great view from our box! It was breast cancer awareness day at the track, so were we all wearing pink!! My fave!
Gettin' cozy at the track ... drinking may or may not have been involved!

We were finally able to get an OK pic of both of us!

Last Thursday at the Great Steamboat Race! Me and my Little Buddy!! Notice he has a sailing shirt on... and also appears to maybe be picking his nose!! aww.... ;)

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