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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

19 Weeks - Appointment Details AND Making Some Progress on Connor's New Room!

Monday's appointment went very well .... annd as you know, was very informative!  BOY!  {Woot!}  That is really what I was hoping for!  The heart beat was 148 (prefect) and all the measurements looked great.  The baby is still measuring right at 19W +1D (on Monday) which is exactly where that first ultrasound at 9 weeks would put him!  The due date is now set in stone as August 1st! (so unofficially, to me, that means late July! ;)  Our ultrasound pics weren't nearly at great this time around.  Mostly because baby was curled up in a ball with his legs crossed and head turned away ... so no cute profile pic this time!

19 Weeks

We are also making some major strides on Connor's new "Big Boy" room!  Last weekend we completed the painting of the room, all of his furniture from PBK arrived and we have the room completely cleared out of all the old furniture!   Here are some early before and afters.  I'll keep posting pics as we get further along in the process!  My plan is to have this completely ready for Connor when we get back from LA in early April!  He is so excited!  We go up and 'visit' his new room daily and talk about his new bed, etc....  I really hope this transition goes smoothly because the next step is potty training!!  ahhh!

BEFORE - As our office, the room was already a mess because we had been storing things for the NEW room in there!

In Progress - That's my dad and grandfather painting ... we paid them in McDonald's and beer!

AFTER - Still not cleaned up ... and the tape is still on, but you can get an idea of the colors.  They are Pottery Barn colors: Old Blue Jeans and Navaho White.

What we came home to after dinner on Thursday night!  All the furniture and bedding! (minus the dresser which will have "white glove" delivery including assembly and clean-up of the boxes and mess... which is good because we'll have A LOT to lug upstairs and assemble as it is!

This is the look I'm going for.  You can see everything online here. I've pretty much gotten everything in this room, accept a different lamp and rug, plus we're not going to put a basketball hoop in Connor's room as he is already WAY too obsessed with shooting basketball (and this is coming from a HUGE UK Basketball fan!  But enough is enough already with the sports inside the house!)

PS: Pottery Barn Kids actually has a pretty good incentive to both create a registry with them AND open a PBK credit card.  You earn a 10% off registry completion discount for 6 months after the date of the event you register for (which can be anything .... in our case, Connor moving to his big-boy room!) to be used for anything you don't recieve.  That discount can be used online or in the store.  The credit card has a rewards program where you earn $25 for every $250 you spend!  That's a really great perk... much better than most store credit cards! (just make sure you pay it all off every month!)  With our purchases for Connor's new room, I was able to get a personalized Anywhere Chair and Basketball Net Shelf for free!  Yeah!

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Mommy Webb said...

That color blue is so pretty. Can't wait to see the finished product!