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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Countdown ... 6 More Days!

Time seems to be creeping by as we await our next ultrasound .... the one where we find out the sex of the baby! (among other, more important facts like the health of the baby's heart, etc...)   I'll be right at 19 weeks at the time of the ultrasound next Monday, which is a really good time to tell the sex.  As much as I wanted to schedule it sooner, any earlier than 19 or 20 weeks might not warrant the "results" we want, which is a definite gender decision!!

What do we know so far?  Well, at my 13 week ultrasound, the tech really thought she found a penis twice... AND a vagina twice.... so that doesn't really help.  But, she did say she was 75% confident that it was a boy!  That's #1. 

#2 is based on the Chinese Calendar.  Many people don't think this is very accurate, but others claim over 90% accuracy.  My thought on this discrepancy is that people aren't using it correctly.  You must use the LUNAR calendar.  This method was accurate for Connor and MANY other moms I know who used it correctly.  This is a good website to try and will help you to convert months and ages from solar to lunar.   For instance, I am 26, but 27 in lunar years.  And this baby was conceived in the 11th month of our calendar, but in the 9th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar.  This predicts I am having a boy, as well!

#3 is even more off-base and it involves the old wives tale about dangling a pendant above your hand (or tummy).  Supposedly, if it swings back and forth, it's a boy.  And if it swings in a circular motion, it's a girl.  I tried this both with my hand and tummy and both times it swung back and forth ... indicating boy!

However, my face has been breaking out a lot more with this pregnancy, I had more morning sickness this time around, and the baby's heartbeat was pretty fast at my last check-up ... all indicating girl!

So..... what does this tell us?

NOTHING!  Except we have to wait until Monday to find out! ha!

And as I type this, I feel the little bugger kicking and moving around in my belly and it just makes it harder not to know the sex!  It's also comforting to feel the baby moving this early... it's like a tiny voice saying "Hey mommy!"  Love it!

On a slightly different note, I've gained right at 7 pounds, which is a little low (maybe from working out.... maybe I'm just waiting to explode all at one time .... yep, that's it!)  That said, I've really tossed all cares aside when it comes to eating!  Yea!  Fun!  Regular Coke here-I-come!  That is truly my special pregnancy treat! 

Also, there is no hiding being prego now!  This happened in the last few days where I'm even waking up looking pregnant!  Before, it was mostly toward the end of the day once I had eaten a lot!  Pics to come tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Ashley Stone said...

Yay! Exciting, can't wait to hear!