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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready for Launch... Quick Doctor's Appointment Update

Went to the doctor today and here's the deal...

I've now progressed to about 3cm .... which I kind of thought would be the case because I was at least 4cm at this point (37-38 weeks) with Connor AND I've been having contractions at night that are keeping me awake!  At least it hasn't been for nothing!

Still 60-70% effaced... so that hasn't changed much... thank goodness, because the doctor alluded to the fact that the thinner and softer the cervix, the faster you can dilate... which is not in my best interest as far as getting to the hospital and getting an epidural!

Head is still down and the heartbeat is strong.  My belly is measuring perfect for 37.5 weeks (maybe a touch small, which I think is a good thing!) and blood pressure was very good!  Still no swelling.... which is amazing in this heat!  Yay!

I'm in the "it could happen at any moment" phase of this pregnancy at this point.  For me, that means not going any further from the hospital than my house (which is already 20-25 minutes as it is!) and not going many places (like malls, etc...) by myself as I'm scared of what might happen.  The doctor informed me that, based on how quickly I had Connor - where I basically broke all the rules of first-time-labor, I should not even call the office first when I go into labor.... just head straight to the hospital and call them on the way!  Sounds like a plan.

As I lay here writing this, I feel like it really could happen at any moment.  What does that really mean?  Probably nothing.  I'm playing mind games with myself at this point... which is pretty normal!

IF I can make it to 39 weeks without going on my own, I confirmed today that we will be scheduling an induction the last week in July.  Now that I am 3cm and having my second baby, there really is no question that I should be a great candidate for an induction in 10 days!  Whaaa hoooo!  (but honestly, I'd be shocked if I can make it to July 26th!)

I'll keep ya posted!  Thanks for stopping by!


Ashley Stone said...

yay! Excited for you. : )

LRA said...

Good luck and I am hearing you all the way!! I just had my baby girl (baby number two for me) on July 2nd. She is now two weeks old! Anyway, my son came early at 35 weeks, so this time i was expecting her to come early, too. Nope. I went 39 weeks, and she came one week early. At the end, , i felt the same way, just sorta "all set" being preggo and wanting the baby to come!! It's so hard to hang in there, esp. in this heat. But just keep hanging in there, your baby is coming any day now!!!! It's so exciting!!! Best of luck and keep us updated!!