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Shirudo AGR Antioxidant Lotion
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Journey to Healthier Skin and Body - A PMLE Sufferer's Best Friend! (Updated 4/16)

Hi guys!   Just checking back in on all the comments and visitors over the last few months!  Thank you so much for stopping by - in so humbled and elated by some of the stories I've heard.  Those who have been suffering for so long, desperately looking for relief!  I read every comment, I assure you!

This past Spring Break I will admit I got lazy... I didn't use the Shirudo lotion like I have been the past few years ... I think I literally forgot how bad the PMLE symptoms can be.... and I got a little reminder!  So .... I'm back on the Shirudo Lotion train ... not that I ever hopped off of it, but I do think I had forgotten just how much my life in the sun was dampened without lotion containing AGR!!

I've not stopped my journey to find more and more solutions to PMLE for myself, and all the others who suffer the same annoying and sometimes painful symptoms.  Much of what I've found (and shared here) put much importance on the use of sunscreens.  Through personal investigating, as well as others contacting me regarding the chemicals and low-level toxins used as ingredients in these sunscreens.  These toxins reach your bloodstream and every major organ within 26 seconds of hitting your skin.  Yikes. I set out on a mission to find a safer option.

I've been using Arbonne products, both skin and body products, as well as the nutritional line off and on for years.  It never really occurred to me how important the pure, vegan products (especially the skin lotions and sunscreens) were for my already struggling skin.

That said, I am committing myself for the next year to using sunscreens without the Avobenzone in the them.  Yep, that's right.  I absolutely believe that ingredient was helping me in the Banana Boat products, without question.  But I am slathering a TON of chemicals on my face and body all year long!!  I'd like to cut that out!

Arbonne, a brand I had used for years, and honestly trust to provide Pure, Safe and Beneficial products decided to remove Avobenzone from most of its sunscreen products.  The ingredient remains in some of the RE9 Anti-Aging skincare line, which I do use, so I'm going to look more into the whole situation.  There has been some questions regarding the safety of Avobenzone... which I haven't looked into at all but 100% plan on doing! More on that later.

Further, its not just the avo in the sunscreens I've been using and (Gasp) recommending on this blog that I'm concerned about.  Mineral oil is a terrible ingredient for your skin - and I've had a difficult time finding ANY other sunscreens on the shelves that don't contain it, or a disgusting animal byproduct.

So I'm jumping in with two feet.  As of last month, I officially started my business with Arbonne - because if I'm switching over to these safer products, I want my entire family to follow and the discount and tax benefit were too great for me not to become a consultant.  And while the income opportunity was not my reason to join, it may soon be my reason to continue this journey.  It seems almost everyone I speak to about the products wants to know more.

Oh wait - you do too? ;) is where you can find over 400 pure, safe and beneficial products.

I plan to post more here about my new journey, both into more safe and pure sunscreen and body products, while continuing my support and belief in the amazing Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion with AGR!  


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