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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots of Picture Updates .... and Good News ;)

ow, I'm a little embarassed at how long it's been since I blogged on here ... but I guess that's just an indication of how busy we were over the holidays!  It was literally one {fun} thing after another .... here is a taste...

Woodmont Breakfast with Santa

UK Alumni "Big Blue Santa"

Hanaukkah Celebration (aka: Eating Jelly Donuts!)

Dad's Birthday Celebration

Hubers Lunch with the Fam

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Christmas with Mom's Fam

New Years

**Also, I'm excited to announce that we are expecting another baby!!  I'm due August 5th!  That also contributed to my complete lack of doing anything that wasn't neccessary for the last few weeks since I wasn't feeling well.  Luckily, starting around New Years (9 weeks) I kind of snapped out of the morning sickness phase (finally!) although the tiredness is still lingering.

So, obviously, for the next few months this blog will be focusing a little more on the wild adventure that is pregnancy and how we are preparing for number 2 (and of course still on Connor!) Coming soon: a little collection of notes I wrote during my down-time away from the blog regarding early pregnancy and getting back into the swing of it!   Also, our first ultrasound pics (Monday is our appointment) and of course new belly pics every 2 weeks starting at 12 weeks!

Happy New Year!


LRA said...

Congatulations!!! That is exciting news, I am also pregnant with our second (our first will be 3 in April) and due July 8th! It will exciting to have another newborn around, won't it??!!!

Lindsey Brodsky said...

Thanks! Sounds like I'm almost exactly a month behind you! I can't wait to give this baby thing a second go.... I just have high-hopes it will easier this time around ... either way, so exciting!

Abby said...

Congrats, Linz! That's so exciting! Looking forward to your mama-to-be posts :D

Amy said...

Yay!! So excited for you and Jamie!! Congrats again