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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Babysitting 101

Tonight we are having a true babysitter for the first time so Jamie and I can go see Dark Knight. I'm really not nervous at all - in fact, I'm sure she's got her stuff together better than I do, so I have complete trust... maybe more than I should, but for those of you who are scare freaks, please do me a favor and let me be peacefully ignorant at this point.

The obligatory cleaning has been done, bottles pre-made and sat out ... to be honest, short of giving her the "How To Use Our Crazy TV's With 16 Remotes 101" course, it's really that easy. Connor is at the stage where, if he's not sleeping or eating, you just have to follow him around closing all the doors, cabinets, and drawers he opens and rummages through. Yes, I know we need to baby-proof the house better (see list: Top 5 Things I Need to Do This Week) but at this point, we're still hoping the word "NO" will start to have more meaning to him... hmm, here's to hoping.

As I'm charging my cell phone before we go out, I can't help but wonder what our parents did without cell phones when they left us with sitters. It almost seems unconscionable to leave the house without that 24/7 connection to your baby. Nonetheless, our parents did leave us with sitters, along with a list of the 3 places they'd be going (so much for secretly hitting up 4th Street after dinner!! haha) and the approximate times they would be at each place. That said, I guess I'll still take mine with me tonight... maybe prop it up in the cup holder next to the movie seat and put it on 'vibe' so I can see when it rings ... annoying, I know.

Is it sad that I'm thinking about all the millions of things I could get done while we have a babysitter instead of sitting through a 3 hour movie? (once again, see list: Top 5 Things I Need to Do This Week) Oh well, I do want to see what all the hype is about and Jamie has really been wanting to see this, and we have tix for the IMAX screen, so I'm trying to get jazzed about it!!

Well, I hear little man upstairs waking up from his nap - good thing he's cute, doesn't he know I'm busy?!? (I'm kidding ;)
Gotta go

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