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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Naps?? What naps??

So, the newest thing in our life right now is that between our vacation, me being gone for a weekend, and us trying to get back into some sort of schedule, Connor is completely off his nap routine. It really doesn't sound like that big of a deal, admittedly. In fact, let me preface our little predicament with this: when I used to read those parenting books when I was pregnant and newly a mom, I would swear I was never going to be the kind of parent who pushed a schedule on my kid. I mean, we all have days were we could sleep in ALL day, and nights when we can't sleep or just don't want to. There are days that noon feels like 9 at night and where 9 at night feels like 2 in the afternoon. So, why would I try to make a baby, who is a selfish, survial oriented being, adhere to a schedule? When he's sleepy, he'll sleep... when he's not, well, no one will sleep ... haha (but seriously).

So, he we are 10 months into motherhood and I GET IT! I GET IT! It's like I have a little ticking time bomb on my hands. He no longer falls asleep easily in the car, and as soon as he senses we are slowing down, he immediately wakese up. His crib, the Pottery Barn Kids haven we used to pray he would eventually, one day, actually want to sleep in is now the ONLY place he will sleep. We bascially can't leave the house until I can get him to sleep at least on hour in the morning. (There was a rececnt episode at the gym where I had to be pulled out in mid-cardiosculpt class because he was inconsolable in the playroom ... that was a morning he did not nap ... this is the result ... not good... although I did get to skip the last half of my workout with an actual excuse, so not all bad I guess.)

All this to say, I'm already becoming the parent I said I wasn't going to be ... already! We are not even one year into this dance and I'm begining to see the beginings of my own mom (not a bad thing by-the-way). I'm hoping this does not eventually lead to shopping only at Talbots instead of J Crew, owning a tan mini-van instead of an SUV, and going to bed at 8:30 with a glass of water instead of at 11:30 with a glass of wine... but if it does, don't say I didn't warn you! :)

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