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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sometimes People Just Tick Me off

Let me just tell you about the rockstar customer service I received today while running errands. Sometimes, I just cannot understand how businesses can keep running with the kind of characters they have running them.

1.) I had an entire basket full of items at Target (typical, and yet, unavoidable) and the guy at the checkout (who was so new his nametag read: New Team Member) packed all my things in THREE bags. Three. I have never seen anything like this before. He was literally catapulting my items into the bags. The only info I seemed to get from him is that he was from Shivley and was only getting eight hours per week and really couldn't even afford gas or car insurance (good to know) on eight hours a week. This guy sucked. I'm pretty sure he's not going to make it long enough to get a nametag with his actual name on it.

2.) There were some random items that Target didn't have, so I was forced to go to Walmart. The mear idea that I was thinking the service here would be an better is laughable, but .... anyway. The lady at the checkout only handed me half my stuff!!! When I got home, I realized the item that I actually went there to buy was not even in the bag (although the random $1.88 crap that I didn't even need but picked up anyway because it was $1.88 of course did make it home with me). Jamie saved the day and went back with the reciept to get the stuff I left... he was probably nicer than I would have been.

oh yes, the best for last ...

3.) I was getting gas at the Kroger gas station and the pump I pulled up to was leaking gas. A steady trickle of flamable, liquid gold was streaming into the parking lot. I, as a not-that-concerned-but-rather-annoyed-because-this-is-the-only-pump-open-citizen informed the guy working in the little outdoor kiosk that there was gas leaking into the parking lot. You would have thought I was speaking latin. He just looked at me and then, after about 5 seconds, says "Oh, well, I'll walk over there and check it out." He remains sitting.
Once again, there is a flamable, expensive liquid leaking into the parking lot. Maybe he didn't understand what I was saying. So, in response to his less than concerned reaction I said
"Were you already aware of that?" Another pause.

Ok, at this point, I have encountered enough idiot to make George W. Bush look intelligent ... thank goodness this was the end of my day. I was tempted to go back to the guy at Target and suggest he apply for a job at the Kroger gas station since you apparently don't really have to do anything on the job ... but who am I kidding? I'm not using my $4 leaky gas to help out "New Team Member".

To further my annoyedness (is that a word?) the "<," button on my computer broke this morning so I have to push a little mushy stub to make that button work now until Dell sends me a new KEYBOARD - yeah, that's right, not a new button (that would be WAY too easy!) ... at least it's under warranty.

It's bedtime - it's been a long day ;)

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Abby said...

Hilarious, Linz! Love reading your blog :)