Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion

Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion
PMLE Symptom Prevention! With AGR!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Journey to Healthier Skin and Body - A PMLE Sufferer's Best Friend!

Hi guys!   Just checking back in on all the comments and visitors over the last few months!  Thank you so much for stopping by - in so humbled and elated by some of the stories I've heard.  Those who have been suffering for so long, desperately looking for relief!  I read every comment, I assure you!

I've not stopped my journey to find more and more solutions to PMLE for myself, and all the others who suffer the same annoying and sometimes painful symptoms.  Much of what I've found (and shared here) put much importance on the use of sunscreens.  Through personal investigating, as well as others contacting me regarding the chemicals and low-level toxins used as ingredients in these sunscreens.  These toxins reach your bloodstream and every major organ within 26 seconds of hitting your skin.  Yikes. I set out on a mission to find a safer option.

I've been using Arbonne products, both skin and body products, as well as the nutritional line off and on for years.  It never really occurred to me how important the pure, vegan products (especially the skin lotions and sunscreens) were for my already struggling skin.

That said, I am committing myself for the next year to using sunscreens without the Avobenzone in the them.  Yep, that's right.  I absolutely believe that ingredient was helping me in the Banana Boat products, without question.  But I am slathering a TON of chemicals on my face and body all year long!!  I'd like to cut that out!

Arbonne, a brand I had used for years, and honestly trust to provide Pure, Safe and Beneficial products decided to remove Avobenzone from most of its sunscreen products.  The ingredient remains in some of the RE9 Anti-Aging skincare line, which I do use, so I'm going to look more into the whole situation.  There has been some questions regarding the safety of Avobenzone... which I haven't looked into at all but 100% plan on doing! More on that later.

Further, its not just the avo in the sunscreens I've been using and (Gasp) recommending on this blog that I'm concerned about.  Mineral oil is a terrible ingredient for your skin - and I've had a difficult time finding ANY other sunscreens on the shelves that don't contain it, or a disgusting animal byproduct. 

So I'm jumping in with two feet.  As of last month, I officially started my business with Arbonne - because if I'm switching over to these safer products, I want my entire family to follow and the discount and tax benefit were too great for me not to become a consultant.  And while the income opportunity was not my reason to join, it may soon be my reason to continue this journey.  It seems almost everyone I speak to about the products wants to know more. 

Oh wait - you do too? ;) is where you can find over 400 pure, safe and beneficial products.

I plan to post more here about my new journey, both into more safe and pure sunscreen and body products, and the business side of things! 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Update!! Spring 2015 Further Update!

****Spring 2015 update:  life is good and I'm still loving on my Shirudo lotion! It's gotten me through a JANUARY trip to Mexico..... No symptoms and great tan! And spring break .... Same result!  Thanks for reading guys!  Loving all the comments and success stories! :-) ***** 

So we are right in the thick of summer and I wanted to update you on my PMLE symptoms and the Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion + AGR that has accompanied me on our recent beach vacations!

We headed to the beach just after my last post ... so early in the spring for the sun to be hitting my body! lol  I have happy to report, again, NO PMLE symptoms!  We were in the sun every single day for 7 days and there was not a problem! :))  This was in Florida, however, and the sun wasn't at it's strongest (March), so it's not the best example of when I need the protection/prevention the most, but since it was early in the spring/summer season my skin was definitely NOT used to being in the sun which is usually when I have the most trouble!

Our recent travels took us to the beaches of Orange County, California... where the sun is much stronger... plus it was July!  Again, no symptoms... just so exciting!  I'm so happy to be able to enjoy the beach again without fearing the sand was causing/increasing my allergic reaction to the sun.  I would think maybe it was detergent used at the hotel we were staying at... maybe I was allergic to something in the sand?!  Anyway, that's all over now!  And with the disappearance of the Eucerin Sun Defense Lotion a few years ago I am SOO thankful the people at Shirudo came out with the lotion containing the magic prevention ingredient... alpha glucosylrutin.... AGR! YAY!

Guys, listen, I know the shipping to certain areas like the UK can be steep, but this bottle will last you a LONG time, especially if you only need it on the more sensitive parts of your body... AND if you are only using it while on vacation or in the sun for extended times!  I can't say enough!  Is "life-changing" saying enough?!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Updated for 2014: PMLE Prevention and Information!

Hello readers!  It's been a while since my last post ... undoubtedly it's easy for me to forget all about my sun-time whoa-is-me condition when we've had one of the worst winters the midwest and southeast has seen in years!  I'm well aware, however, that I have readers from every corner of the world who have stopped by to gather information and check for updates!

Let's start here:  I spoke to a representative with Shirudo, maker of the 'miracle' Antioxidant Lotion that many of us PMLE sufferers have bought, used, and loved the results.... and she assures me the lotion is on it's way back online!  They haven't stopped making it or forgotten about us!!  No judgement!  I, too, sort of freaked out at the 'UNAVAILABLE' status on the website!  So keep checking back for it to be re-stocked, and I will, of course, post on this blog when it's available again!
As of 2015 it's back in stock and ready to ship!!

I received MANY emails over the fall and winter asking if I have found any other lotion or remedy for PMLE ... specifically if there has been anything else, to my knowledge, created with the 'magic' AGR ingredient.  In short, NO!  And truthfully, I'm to a pretty content point in my research on this condition and how to prevent it!  With the mix of using this AGR lotion, sunscreen containing avobenzone (Parasol) and the occasional wide-brimmed hat for long days in the sun... I've hit a sweet spot with prevention!  And I'm soooo happy to have helped many of you, too!  I know many of us share the .... "If I hear, 'Oh, you must have sun poisoning' one more time I'm going to SCREAM" mentality... it's nice to know there are many of us out there, sun lovers or not, that suffer from this condition that even many doctors aren't knowledgeable about!

So that brings me to the current time.  We are leaving for a Spring Break the first week in April.  And while it's not super-south (think Florida Panhandle area) it is definitely the time of year that, in the past, I would suffer from the PMLE symptoms the most.  Why?  Being super-pale from the winter, having no base tan or natural protection from the sun's rays... that's the best I can guess.  Because we have gone on tropical vacations in late summer or early fall and the PMLE rash barely showed up, if at all, even before the Shirudo lotion!  I will certainly come back here with an update from that vacation.... just to share my most current experience.  

All this talk of sun and vacation has me yearning for it ... but, we are about to get pounded yet again with ice and snow... so.....  until next time!  Sending everyone happy, sunny thoughts!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shirudo Anti-Oxidant Lotion Follow-Up Review: 2013 (PMLE Prevention/Relief)

I'm excited to share with you a very quick update on my use of the Shirudo Anti Oxidant Lotion for the prevention on Polymorphic Light Eruption symptoms!   

Now that the it's been bright and sunny here in the midwest and we've spent many days in a row by the pool, I'm even more convinced!  Just by simply applying this Shirudo lotion, as you would any other lotion,  my skin feels nice and silky - and 'calm' I guess you would say.  I never thought of myself as having sensitive skin (except for this sun allergy!) but I still find this lotion to be soothing. 

I've been applying it right before putting on my bathingsuit (it's just easier not to miss any small areas that way) and then spraying on my favorite Banana Boat Dry Oil SPF once I'm outside.  IF I spend more than an hour or two in the sun, or if I get wet in the pool, I go ahead and apply more of the Shirudo to my especially sensitive areas (neck, stomach, upper arms) and re-apply the sunscreen.

So far, not even a hint of the itchiness or red bumps.  My chest and stomach were a little red after last Wednesday's pool time (typically a little sunburn would speed up the process of the PMLE developing) and still no symptoms! 

I will point out we are spending 2 weeks at the beach in Southern California in July, and I will certainly be reporting back after that.  I consider that the 'big challenge' as beach conditions typically aggravate and speed up the PMLE for me personally!

Please check back for that review and click on the giant Shirudo Lotion bottle to buy and to learn more about the product!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

**NEW** Must Read Review!!! "AntiOxidant Lotion for PMLE Relief / Prevention "

I am thrilled and oh-so-excited to review a new product that is the answer to the prayers of so many  Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE) sufferers!  The developer of this new product knew exactly what we would be looking for since she herself is a PMLE sufferer!

As many of you know, the ingredient alpha-glucosylrutin (AGR) has been shown in studies to prevent or lessen the symptoms of PMLE outbreak in many sufferers.  Unfortunately, that ingredient was no longer offered in products in the US and was very difficult to find - and if you find it online, price and international shipping is a huge factor!

ALAS, I was contacted by the creator of this new lotion made by Shirudo...

This lotion contains even more of the 'magic' AGR ingredient than my beloved Eucerin Sun Defense Lotion!! As we know, this is such a hard thing to find!  There are not a lot of choices out there for those of us suffering from PMLE.... typically the most recommended solution is staying out of the sun!!  That is not an option for those of us who love the beach, enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle, playing with our kids at the park, going to the zoo, the pool, etc... Staying inside is not a practical solution! 

I truly believe this lotion will finally be able to provide hope and help to PMLE sufferers who don't want to avoid the sun completely! 

My First Experience:

I received this lotion in late July... just before leaving for a California beach vacation.  It was the first thing I packed.... so excited to test out this lotion containing ARG and Vitamin E.... the ingredients I've raved so much about for the past few years!  I discontinued all other 'prevention' methods I have discussed in previous posts (pills, other lotions, etc...), other than continuing to use SPF (Banana Boat dry oil spray) .  

I used the lotion as recommended: Before sun exposure and then reapplying every 2 hours while in the sun.  I also used it on my most PMLE-prone areas a few days before heading to the beach ... the idea there was to build it up in my system a bit.... not sure if it was necessary, but that's what I did.

I used SPF 4, 8, and 15 (so nothing above 15) while in the sun, over top of the Shirudo lotion.  I did not develop ANY PMLE symptoms while on my vacation and came back with an amazing tan!  I even experienced a slight sunburn on my chest are {oops!},which is typically the most prone to reaction,  and there was no outbreak at all!


Applies smoothly with no stickiness - feels like a regular body lotion 
Scent-free and soothing to the skin
SPF-free... allowing you to use your own favorite brand and preferred SPF 
About the same cost as any other high-quality lotion
NO PMLE symptoms while in the sun during my first trial use!!!
Moisturizing and nearly 100% natural and beneficial ingredients!

The only negative I could come up with was the slight yellow tinge to the lotion .... it should be noted that the key ingredient AGR is yellow, therefore a yellow coloring of the lotion is likely unavoidable!   It was not an issue while using it at all.  If I noticed a light yellowing on the edges of my swimsuit or clothing, it wasn't bad at all AND completely washed away in the laundry without any special stain treatment.  I only note the color because I don't want you to think it's going to be completely white - but I also don't want there to be a staining concern ... I did not experience any issues whatsoever ... even with white suits and clothing.

The lotion is available only online right now by clicking {HERE}.  

In conclusion:

I am so happy to have been made aware of this product and I was even more excited to share it with my readers and fellow sufferers!  I cannot wait to test it out even more in February when we go to Jamaica... that will REALLY be a good test!!  Winter/ Spring vacations is when my skin is the most prone to PMLE symptoms since I do not have a good base tan and my skin isn't used to the sun's harsh rays.  

I will of course continue to update my blog with how the lotion is performing during different 'sun experiences'.... but I have to admit I am totally sold already!  I love that I can choose my own SPF level (unlike with Eucerin) to apply over it and that the AGR ingredient is more concentrated in this product than the Eucerin Sun Defense (I'm basing that on the color and speaking with the developer of the product). 

Thank you for stopping by and I really hope to hear from readers who try this product!  I would love to know if it works as well for you as it did for me!!  :-)

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