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Thursday, May 27, 2010

29.... 30... and Counting

Quick post with some belly pics today!  Busy busy busy ..... and hot hot hot!!  Plus, Connor is now officially on summer vacay... so that means less me-time (aka: less blog time!)
29 Weeks

30 Weeks
(not the best outfit choice for comparison, but I was lazy!)

Thanks for stopping by, more exciting posts to come... promise!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thought I Would Never Say These Words...

We're getting a mini-van!

Yep, you read that correctly. 

I always said I would never get one until I was at least 30... which I'm not... so this is a real shocker to my own system.  But...

As it turns out, I feel like an SUV is not exactly the mom-mobile I thought it was.  It's hard to get Connor in and out of, and because I refuse to drive a huge, monstrosity of an SUV, the size that I am happy with (what I have now) barely holds my new one-and-a-half stroller.  And, with our awesome new Britax infant seat installed (which I'm kind of obsessed with!), the passenger seat has to be moved all the way up!

Soooo, that got me to thinking ... thinking dirty dirty thoughts ... about looking into a mini-van.

2010 Honda Odyssey

Now, the Honda Odyssey was always in my head as the only van I would ever consider, but since the new 2011 Sienna hit the streets, that's now our front-runner choice!  It has everything the Odyssey does, plus a ton of the extra-nice options that I'm used to with my car now.  And after a long test-drive with the fam, trying out and playing with all the fun things a van has to offer (and there is really just too much to mention!) I am totallly SOLD on getting a van ... and now I want it sooner rather than later!  It's going to make my life SOOOO much easier... especially with the second little one on the way!

2011 Toyota Sienna

Why am I telling you all this?  I guess it makes me feel better to get it out there - I feel like it's a deep dark secret  that I'm carrying around and it feels better to get it off my chest!

So, I'll keep you posted on when the big day will be .... we just have to sell my car first!  It will be a sad day .... but momma likey the mini-van .... at least for the next few years!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

28 Weeks - I'm Complaining .... You Were Warned!

We have officially hit the third trimester. Yay!  And I have to say, there is a big difference between my first and second pregnancy.  I've found myself already complaining that I want this to be over with.  Then I feel bad because I know this is the last time I'll be pregnant, so I should enjoy it (ahh, the beginning of the 'mommy guilt' ... it starts before the baby is even born!)  Here's what's be going on...

This baby is a freakin' acrobat.  Seriously.  I do not remember this with Connor.  I remember movement, but nothing to this extent.  With this little guy, he rolls and jumps around so much that it makes my stomach hurt and literally shakes the bed at night!  ahh!  I mean, I'm glad that the baby is moving so much because it's a good sign, but this is crazy!  And when it's not a crazy circus going on in there, it feels like that feeling you get in your stomach when you have a bad stomach virus and something 'bad' is about it happen... you know what I mean.

Anyway, just add this to the constant heartburn, nighttime reflux, and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and .... I'm done. 

Is it July yet? 

And don't think I haven't done this math....

9 more weeks until the baby is 37 weeks and considered full-term. 

I never really felt this way with Connor .... I think because we were scared to death of what our life was going to be like once he was born, so I was willing to put up with any symptoms of him being inside me!!  But this time around, I know we're ready and I'm feeling anxious to get the rough first 3 months over with!

Alright, I'm finished complaining!  Thanks for listening!

The good news is, my glucose test was fine, and everything else health wise is really ok.  I started going to a physical therapist for my back and sciatica pain a couple weeks ago and the improvement has been like 95% with just 3 consultations... awesome!    Here we are at 28 weeks...

Monday, May 3, 2010

27 Weeks Baby!

I had an OB appointment last Thursday, which included the 1 hour glucose screening.  I'm guessing everything went great with that since I didn't receive a phone call the next day.  Yay!  It's a truly disgusting test where you drink a small bottle of, in my case orange, mysterious liquid, wait an hour, then have blood drawn.  Not a big deal, but the liquid tastes nasty and gave me a mean sugar rush headache and subsequent crash an couple hours later.  Blah!

The visit with the doc went very well.  I saw the same doctor who delivered Connor for the first time since his birth, which was a nice treat.  We discussed the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having since about 24 weeks... not a big deal as long as they are not consistent or painful, and I need to drink more water.  Done.  My tummy is measuring exactly where it needs to be for the August 1st due date they gave me at our first ultrasound.  So I guess that eases any worries I had about being too 'small' for 6.5 months... not that I was really worried.

As I've mentioned before, this little guy seems to be doing circus acts with much gusto within my abdomen... to the point where it actually stops me in my tracks sometimes because I simply can't believe how fast and hard he is moving!  Well, it seems I'm not just imagining this.  The doctor could only barely get the heartbeat (which was in the mid 150's) because the baby was flipping and flopping around so much!  Even the doc was amused at all the movement!  My bladder on the other hand, much less amused!

So, everything is chugging along just as it should I suppose.  The next thing I need to decide is if I want to do a 3D/4D ultrasound or not.  It's $150, and Jamie is not totally sold on the idea of  it for whatever reason, so I don't know.  My only reason for wanting to do it is to verify the "boy parts" again, but I'm really pretty confident with the initial pics we got.

Anyway, here is the latest belly pic....

27 Weeks

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Before and After 'Big-Boy-Room' Pics and Derby Hat Parade


(yucky office before pics)


(fresh off-white pant ... double closet doors, and the single room goes into the play/bonus room ... which is not yet fit for picture taking I'm afraid!)

(I love this color of blue!   That's his new night stand, but I need to still get pics of the matching dresser and bookshelf... we didn't have them yet in this picture!  The football lamp is an item we won at the Chance School Auction this year!  Rug is from Target ..... gotta love Target!)

(And, for the main event.... his new big-boy bed!!  Bedding and bed is all from Pottery Barn ... freakin' love pottery barn!)

(And, this is Connor helping in the process.  Yes, he has on a dress shirt and no pants!  ;)

In case you aren't on the up-and-up regarding the Kentucky Derby, it was yesterday.  And, if you live in Louisville or the surrounding area, it's something we celebrate for at least 2 weeks in advance.  This year, Connor walked in the Derby Hat Parade at his school!  Had to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

The cutest!

Waving to the camera... but my zoom was on too much!

Forget couture!  Isn't that the cutest horsey-hat he made himself!

At the Great Steamboat Race the Wednesday before Derby!