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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say What? Did I Just TOTALLY Miss The Boat on This?

So, I'm sitting here watching The Doctors (ok, actually I was mopping the floor and watching it) and they were talking about baby formula and what kind of water to use to make it.

Now, when I introduced Connor to formula, which was far earlier than I had planned, I DO NOT remember being concerned at all with what type of water I was using.  I mean, to an extent.  Clearly, I was using fresh, clean water... but now I'm a little concerned.

According to the doctors on this show, and apparently many other sources, we are not supposed to use tap water for formula for the first 6 months.  Any kind.  Whether you live in glorious New York City or Louisville, KY (both of which have very clean and yummy tap water) or in an area with crappy tap water.

I don not remember hearing this specifically from my pediatrician... and I hardly recall even reading much on this at all when Connor was born!!   We generally used the water dispenser from refrigerator, tap water, or sometimes bottled water if we were out and about.  I was even known to take water from a water fountain in desperation!!  Ack!

So, what's the deal?

Ok, these doctors recommended using bottled or distilled water, installing a reverse osmosis filter on your sink faucet, or boiling your tap water before using it.  (Also, they recommended boiling any water from the tap, even if it was filtered, etc.... for the first 2 months of baby's life to avoid any remote risk of infection.) 

Ummm, clearly our family did not follow these guidelines.

The reasoning behind the non-tap water is that the baby might get too much fluoride - because there is fluoride in the water AND in the formula.  I honestly never thought of this.  And, I'm wondering why, if this is such a big deal, I don't remember hearing about this sooner..... uh, like while I was using formula!!

Connor is fine and clearly survived this HUGE oversight and child abuse on our part {eye roll} so I'm not worried.  And, I guess I'll know for the next baby!  Bottled water.... check.

What did you use for mixing your baby formula?  Did I just completely miss the boat on this?  Was your pediatrician super concerned about this?  Did I just have temporary post-partum hearing and memory loss regarding this? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kick ALERT! And, Right on Cue ... 16 Weeks!

I thought I might just be imagining it on Valentine's Day while we were out for dinner (or just digesting food!) but I was pretty sure I felt a kick!

Then, yesterday, I was pretty sure again.  So (just like a girl with pretty much nothing better to do because we've been locked in the dang house due to this snow crap for days!) I layed down flat on the bed and watched and felt my tummy for about 20 minutes.  And, sure enough, very definite kicks!  YEA!

After I got up, I started laughing because I just imagined how funny I would have looked just laying down staring at my stomach if someone walked in on me!  HA!  I seriously don't care!  Plus, Connor was the only other person in the house and I'm pretty certain he wouldn't think anything of it!  :)

It's kind of odd because with Connor I felt tickles and bubbles in the belly area around 15-16 weeks pregnant for a couple of weeks at least before feeling kicks.  This time, I might have felt some tickles and bubbles, but nothing definite!  I guess every pregnancy is different!

So now, I'm officially obsessed with finding out the sex of the baby again!  I think when you actually start feeling the baby move, it really helps me connect to know the sex.  ie. "Oh, she (or he) kicked again!" instead of "Oh, IT kicked again!" 

Anyway, I leave you with belly pics, plus a couple others!  This is the first belly pic worth posting since the last one... there wasn't a lot of change until just very recently!

Connor and Papaw Tomes

Valentine's Day dinner night out!

Belly Pic @ 14 weeks

  Belly Pic @ 16 weeks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

When the Going Gets Cold and Snowy ..... We Drink Hot Chocolate!

I never thought I would be saying this, but ENOUGH with the snow and snow days off from school already!  Where was all this snow when I was in high-school?  I would have killed for this many snow days!

Connor only goes to preschool on Monday and Tuesday and it's been forever since he's been able to go both days in a week!  Now we're expecting 7-8" more snow tonight!  Boo!  At least we were already supposed to be out of school for President's Day tomorrow.... but they better get those roads clear for Tuesday morning because momma's got stuff to do!!

Drinking some hot chocolate!  Well, warm.

Who says sugar-free hot chocolate isn't yummy??

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear Connor: My Favorite Things: Jan/Feb 2010

Taking the lead from a fellow blogger, sorority sister, mommy, and friend over at, I've decided to write a little something to Connor (and eventually our new addition) every month or 2 so he (okay, mostly I) can remember what each stage was like.  This is my first letter/list.


These are my absolute favorite things about you at this stage:

1.) Your newly-invented laugh that sounds like a mix between a Little Rascals character and a fat cartoon chef in a Disney movie.  Combine it with your big, bright white smile and squinty eyes and, yes, you get whatever you want ...every time!

2.) Your specific request for "pee pee powder" and "butt cream" when we change your diaper.... and then the cute giggle and "That tickles!" that follows.

3.) Your uncanny ability to spot and name any and all construction vehicles (or "tractors" as you call them), school buses, garbage trucks, firetrucks, police cars, boats, Mini Coopers or other really small cars (you call them "baby cars") and 18-wheeler trucks any time we are out on the road.

4.) You never forget anything.  If I say we're going to Grandma's house tomorrow, we better be going!  You'll remember and ask the next day as soon as you wake up in the morning!  No more consoling you by saying we'll do or have something "later" or go somewhere "later" ... unless we're going to follow through!

5.) Funny, your favorite number is five.  Even though you can easily count to 20, most things come in 5's.... 5 tractors, 5 doggies, etc... even if there are only 3 or 4!

6.) You know how to get what you want almost all the time by saying "Special treat, please."  I guess we started this when you were about one, calling things "special treats" and it really caught on!  Now that you're a big boy, you'll go over and open the cabinet where you special treats are kept... just in case daddy or I forget what exactly it is you want!

7.)  Now, I'm not exactly sure how you know this, but I'm going to give daddy credit for this one.... When asked "Who has the money?" you always answer "Daddy".  And "What does daddy do at work?", "Makes money!"  And "Does mommy (substitute any name) have money?", "No, daddy has money."  Love it!  Smart kid.

8.) On the same topic, when I go upstairs to get you in the morning, you always either state or ask "Daddy working!?" just to be sure he's not home... because if so I guess you would want hime upstairs with you instead of me!  Like I said, you don't miss a thing!

9.) What an athlete you are!  From 12 months, you've gotten compliments even from complete strangers about how great of a basketball shooter you are.  Now, you are progressing to baseball and soccer and can even hit a baseball without a tee!  Your favorite game right now is it hit the ball and then run the bases and "wipeout" at home plate for a home run every time!

10.) We could call you Mister Manners.  From please and thank you, to bless you and excuse me, you truely are a charmer... which makes you very popular with the old ladies at the mall, who think you are to die for.

11.) You are the best toilet flusher in the midwest .... now if we could just get you to be the one going in the toilet!

12.) I never knew a man could be so happy with my simple cooking.... if you had it your way, we 'd have nothing but frozen waffles, oatmeal with cranberries, pancakes, rice, and cheese roll ups.... I can handle that!

13.) You can now spot U. of Kentucky emblems and immediately say "Go Cats"!  That's my boy!

14.) You are such a big boy... even when you have me kiss your 'boo boo's' 100 times, you're still a big boy.

15.) Finally, you are still such a great sleeper.  10-12 hours at night and 2-3 hours of naptime during the day.  You and I are like 2 peas in a pod that way!  ;)
I love you more than I ever knew was possible... it surprises me by getting stronger every day,