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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a Fun Weekend

Busy busy busy .... that's what our weekend was like!

We kicked off the weekend Friday night at Churchill Downs for their second Friday of night racing. Jamie and I went to the very first night racing Friday a week previous without Connor, but it was a complete disaster since about 20,000 more people showed up than they were expecting .... so needless to say, that caused long lines and frustration (we're talking wait-in-line-45-minutes-for-a-cheap-beer bad). So, we gave it another go this past Friday, and decided to take Connor since they advertised tripling the staff at the track, and the temperature outside was supposed to be a little cooler.

Well, the outcome was good and bad. I'll start with the good. We arrived about 7 pm and were able to find a good and FREE parking spot close to the track. There were NO lines AT ALL for the concessions once we got in the door. Churchill definitely fixed the problems from the week before. Also, about 30 minutes after we got there, Connor decided he didn't want to be in the stroller anymore (this is pretty normal for us right now!) So, I was able to slip a beer vendor $10 to keep the stroller folded up behind her booth for a couple of hours so I didn't have to lug it around EMPTY all night! Totally the best $10 I spent all night (well, maybe tied with the beer!)

Now for the bad. It was somewhere in the ballpark of 100 degrees inside this place. NO AIR - NO AIR MOVEMENT - HOTTT (sweat-dripping-from-back-and-chest kind of hot) and poor little Connor was taking it worse than Jamie and I were. We headed upstairs to get some ice cream after counting the horses as they left the paddock for the 7ish race. That was the last time we saw horses or bet!!
I'm glad we went, but next year, we'll always be making night racing a 'date night' instead of family night.

Saturday, we headed to Eastview, KY (I dare you to try and find that on a map!) for a family reunion (my side of course!) which was fun. We weren't able to go last year because we were in Myrtle Beach, so this was the first year everyone was able to see Connor. I could tell my parents and grandparents were so proud to be able to show him off. Here are some pics!

After the reunion, Connor headed back to the 'Ville with my parents and Jamie and I went to a picnic / dinner party hosted by a partner at Jamie's law firm. That was a good time, except for all the mosquito bites we acquired .... both of our legs look like we have some sorta polka-dot disease. Super sexy.

We rounded out the weekend at Captains Quarters on the river Sunday night. The weather was FABULOUS so we ended up staying kind of late. It's nice because we've learned that if we take a big blanket for us all to sit on, Connor stays busy for hours just running around, watching the boats and water, etc... He also came home with a couple of new girlfriends!! haha!

Walking with Dada by the boats!

Connor chillin' with his girlfriends on a boat!

This upcoming weekend we are heading to Nolin Lake to stay at my grandparent's lake house. My parents are coming down on Friday, we're going down on Thursday! We all went to the lake together last July 4th weekend and had a blast! I'm hoping this year Connor will want to play more in the lake and actually enjoy riding on the boat! Either way, it's a great time grilling out, eating and drinking, fishing, boating, sunning, etc... Can't wait!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 3: Weigh-In

This week = not so great on the working out and eating well! Grrr. I DID add a tablespoon of "Bragg" Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to my diet, as suggested by Gigi in her amazing blog here.... so I'm waiting to see if we're seeing an results from that in the next month or so.


Calories Burned: 1506
Number of Workouts: 3
Total Time of Workouts: 3:31

Lot's of eating out this week .... maybe because we've been so busy!?! NO EXCUSES! My wine and cheese party on Tuesday night definitely did nothing to HELP! The results from this week are in and it's not good! I don't expect July 4th Weekend to do much in the way of helping , either ... but we'll see!

Body Fat %: 21.5 (2.9% away from goal)
Goal Weight: 8.9 pounds to go

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best Husband Ever

Just a short post regarding how awesome my DH is! He came home with 2 big bunches of flowers yesterday! He also took Connor to the pool while I had a Makeover and Wine Tasting party with some ladies at our house last night! I don't tell him this nearly enough, but he is an amazing dad and husband!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 2: Weigh In

I'm going to start posting this on Monday morning instead of Fridays because that is how my H/R monitor and calorie counter is set up! So it even reminds me!

Calories Burned: 2449

Number of Workouts: 7

Total Time of Workouts: 6:15


Lot's of eating out this week .... grrr. (Red Robin, KFC, ice cream, etc...)

Body Fat %: 19.9 (2.9% away from goal)

Goal Weight: 7 pounds to go

Sunday, June 21, 2009


These are pictures from this morning. I went upstairs and brought Connor down, then handed them this HUGE book titled "I Love You, Daddy" and he carried it to Jamie who was still in bed! Too cute!
Watching Jamie open his presents!

Jamie and Connor had the night to themselves last night while I went to see a play at Derby Dinner Playhouse to see "Leaving Ladies" with my parents and the rest of our fam (like 13 people!) It was a good time, and Jamie was more than happy to take a pass on theater night to spend some time with Connor and avoid getting a sitter!
My parents!
Julie and Mike!
Me and Dad!

Another wild table!

My Uncle Rob and Dad before the show!

My Mom and I

Apparently, they had a big time! They hit up the local PetSmart to get Charlotte some dog food, but spent about an hour there checking out the birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and cats!! Then they headed to H. H. Gregg to price out the audio equipment for finishing off our home-theater in the basement (OK, so maybe that wasn't TONS of fun for Connor!) BUT, then they headed to Chuck-E-Cheese for some cheese pizza and a few 'rides'. I avoid that place like the plague due to illnesses being spread there .... Jamie assures me he sanitized his hands when they left, but I'm not so sure I believe that. Deal is... if he gets sick, Jamie has to stay home with him at least one day!!! At least they had a good time, though!

Today, we are hopefully going to the pool, but I'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate. I'm looking out the window right now and it's still pretty cloudy! We have reservations at Bravos tonight for us, my parents and my sister. Then, we plan on heading to Captain's Quarters for a couple of hours sans-baby while Lisa "catches-up" with Connor! Lisa's summer class is over {woot!} so she'll be home for the rest of the summer! She's doing a temp job at my dad's office for a few weeks and then we head to Cali .... so her summer has been packed already!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Connor's 1st Movie Experience

As a member of The Louisville Hip Mommas Meet Up group, I get emails all the time about events in the Louisville area for parents of young children. A while back I heard about this Tuesday and Wednesday morning movie for only $1 at the Tinseltown in Springhurst. I thought for $1, it was worth a shot with Connor. The deal is, any age is admitted, the music is kept at a lower decibel, and the lights are not dimmed as dark as they normally would be! Sounded good!

We showed up about 5 minutes 'till 10 am (when it starts). After purchasing our popcorn (we smuggled in juice for Connor and iced coffee for mommy ... it was 10AM!) we headed to the theater. Surprisingly, they had us in the first theater in the hall, which is the biggest one. There were a whole lot more people there than I had anticipated, including some strollers with really little ones who had older siblings. It looked like a few day cares showed up, as well.

The movie was Veggie Tales: The Pirates That Do Nothing {yawn!!} but it had just enough action to keep Connor involved for about 45 minutes to an hour. I'm convinced that without the popcorn, animal crackers and apple juice, the timing might have been more like 5-10 minutes.... but whatever works!

I'm glad we gave this a shot, and we'll probably head back at least a couple more times throughout the summer because it's so cheap and something different to do! You should check out the Cinemark website for the theater near you to see if they offer this "Summer Movie Clubhouse" movie deal this summer!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rough Day

**Warning** If you are pregnant with your first child, or considering becoming pregnant with your first child, you may not want to read this post. Seriously ;) This is a look into my past 2 hours...

After running a couple of errands, I decided to take Connor to eat at QDoba. I've take him there several times and it's always very hectic, crowded and cramped. But today, all hell just broke loose. There is no other way to put it. And, it really wasn't completely Connor's fault, but he definitely accelerated my frustration and complicated the situation.

First, while I'm paying for our food, I look down and Connor had popped the top off of his snack-tap and spilled all the contents (Giant Rise Krispies and Craisins) all over the floor right in front of the register. {strike 1}

Next, I realize that , even though we have permanently down-sized from the super-honkin' travel system stroller to the more aerodynamic McClaren stroller, there was no way I would be able navigate through all the freakin' chairs and madness going on in the restaurant... while holding a tray, of course. {strike 2} With a lot of help from nice business men and other moms, I was FINALLY able to get through the crowds.

We ended up having to sit outside because there was no tables available inside. {strike 3} The temperature was only about 89 and the humidity was only about 80%, so already I'm thinking we should have gotten this food to go. {strike 4} There are no high-chairs ... sweet. {strike 5}

I sit out food down on the table (which is black and metal and doing a good job keeping our food warm, at least) and head back inside to get our drink. Holy crap .... for like 2 minutes while we're getting our drink, nothing bad happens.

Once back outside, dripping sweat all the while, a nice lady brings us the high chair they are finished using. Sweet. Of course Connor doesn't want to go IN the high chair, so I'm stuck holding him while we try to eat. {strike 6}

In reaching over the pick up my food, after giving Connor some rice to munch on, I completely knock my entire plate onto the ground. {strike 7} And, I say Shit pretty loud {strike 8}. So now, I have no food and I'm thoroughly embarrassed ... even more.

As a added bonus, I realize that the food did not only land on the ground, but also on my new J. Crew leather handbag, which has also been doubling as a diaper bag lately. {am I even counting strikes at this point .... no... what's the point} I decide to give up on our nice lunch. ha.

I pack up what's salvageable from Connor's lunch and through all our trash away and we head toward my car... with Connor pushing the stroller of course (so as to avoid a complete breakdown) and me holding one handle of the stroller, QDoba plate in the other, and tears in my eyes.

I felt like I actually held it together pretty well, all things considered. Especially when it's really hot out, it's hard for me to keep any sort of composure. But I could feel the burning of people's stares as we walked away. I used to be that person. "Why do you even go out of the house?" I would think. And today, I'm not even sure why we did. It's days like these that I would PAY to have a desk job.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why College Basketball is SO Much Cooler Than the NBA

I've been informed that tonight is extremely important. Tonight the Lakers have a chance to win the NBA Championship. Woo. (Can you sense my excitement?)

Jamie grew up in LA, so obviously this is a big deal to him. No one else I know even watches or follows NBA, but that not surprising when you grow up in Kentucky. We have no need for the over-priced tickets and over-paid players in this town. No sir. We don't need fancy luxury boxes to draw celebrities to our games (ie: Ashley Judd). Nope. Because when you play basketball in Kentucky, you are already a star. Whether you grew up bleeding blue for Kentucky Wildcats basketball, or somehow you were sadly duped as a young child into cheering for the Louisville Cardinals growing up and just never could break away (can you tell I'm a UK fan? ha ;) you know where the real basketball passion lies, and it's not in the 10-million-dollar contacted players in the NBA ... it's right here in basketball country. And, if you didn't grow up in basketball country, or a place where college basketball was held to the highest standards... I'm sorry.

But that's not all.... here are more reasons why NBA basketball is inferior to NCAA College Basketball...

* In college basketball (CB), when you win a game, you win. There aren't 7 games to determine who's better. You get one shot... do or die. What's up with all the games?

* If you are accused of raping, stabbing or shooting someone, attempting it, almost doing it, or otherwise implicated in such activity, and you are a player on a CB team, you will be removed from the team .... not slapped on the wrist and allowed back on the court within weeks.

* In CB, you play because you love it. You listen to the coach. You want to become a better player. Enough said.

* There is no cheesy and annoying music blaring over the loudspeakers during every split second break in the action at a college game. What is up with that? I don't know how people are able to remain sane at an NBA game with all the music and goofy crap blaring!

Can you think of other reasons NCAA College Basketball is way-superior to NBA? I'd like to hear what you have to say! (and if you don't agree, that's cool, too! This is just for fun... and to annoy my husband!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Workout Summary #1 (and funny picture of the week)

Check out this classic Easter photo of Connor and I ... this is my life. Our faces say it all! Now aren't we glad we took that nice portrait outside? ha!


Calories Burned: 2518

Number of Workouts: 6

Total Time of Workouts: 6:09


Monday Lunch - ate at Grandparents... that's never healthy!

Tuesday Night - noshed on tons of Dark Chocolate Chex Mix, popcorn and strawberry pie for movie night with the girls

Wednesday Dinner - Mexican & Margaritas ... totally worth it!

Body Fat %: 20.1 (3.1% away from goal)

Goal Weight: 8 pounds to go

Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Resolution #2 - Get in Shape Shirley...

OK, on my other blog I just posted about my 2-week shopping strike {gasp}, so it's only fitting that I fill readers in on my other "resolution" for the summer... well, I'm actually going to call it a "goal" instead... because that's really more accurate.

You ready?...

Just to prepare you, it's an extremely unique and interesting resolution / goal...

Okay, not really....

I've decided to change my eating and exercising habits to try to be the best and the most fit I can be (to a certain extent ... I'm of course still going to drink wine and eat pizza ... I can't change WHO I AM!).

Cheesy, right? Here's how this all came about:

Recently, I've not been feeling excellent about how my clothes are fitting/ looking. And before you go thinking I'm deranged... I know that I am thin and do not need to "lose weight" per say... but I would be much happier with a lower % body fat count. I've been there before ... just after graduation college (when the beer drinking weaned a bit and I started eating a little less disgusting) it didn't take long to achieve the body I wanted. Without dieting and just adding a bit of exercise into my life, *bam*, I was at my goal weight and looked great.

Soooooooooooooooooo, some things have changed since then. Not only am I a few years older, but I've also had a child ... duh... so reaching my goals is certainly not going to be any easier. But I can do it!! Nothing feels worse than knowing you aren't being the best you can be ... and right now, that's how I feel.

To stay motivated and accountable, I'll be posting my stats here once a week to include:

1.) workouts: what I did each day,
2.) screw-ups: bad days of eating, etc..., and
3.) body fat %: BF%= as determined by our little scale thingy in the master bathroom.

So, look for weekly updates to be posted on Friday regarding my progress! The goal, to run a 5K this fall! (and for my clothes to all fit the way I want them to!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our ... Garden!?!

While out on the deck this afternoon, it occurred to me how utterly pathetic my motivation is to "keep a garden". So, I took some pictures. Here you go:


Oh yes, gorgeous, right? The only reason I even bothered with planting these is because we actually eat both of these veggies .... I mean, fruits & veggies ..... errr... whatever.


This was a Mother's Day gift from my mom. I planted it and it didn't die ... yet. The day I planted it, I left Connor outside by himself for like 5 seconds and came back to a completely bald plant because he had plucked all the buds off of it! He was so proud! The plant recovered well ... I'm sure it was due to all the TLC I gave it (you know, watering once or twice a week and ... ok, that's it)

If we end up planting anything else worthy of noting, I will let you know. But it's doubtful! The fact that I have kept these alive for this long is already a miracle! Just thought I would share!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Weekend!

As usual, we were GO GO GO all weekend! Sunday, we went to my cousin's high school graduation party where they had rented a bouncy castle thingy, which Connor had a love/hate relationship with. (honestly, he is just too short and unsteady to be in a bouncy thing at this point .... and Jamie and I were WAY too hot to deal with it ... but anyway, Connor had a good time!)

Jamie in the bouncer with Connor!

Last evening, we went to Captain's Quarters for the weekly Sunday mayhem. We learned last week the exact science of taking Connor to CQ for a little Sunday evening, southern-style entertainment. This includes the imbibing of a couple cocktails, as well as picnicking with burgers and hot dogs on a blanket on the grass, while watching the sun set and taking the the view of boaters and barges on the Ohio River. The three of us thoroughly enjoy it!

At CQ with the fam!

Today we hit up he gym for a couple hours and then headed to my grandparent's house for some lunch (which, for Connor, was Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, BTW) and then came home to clean and nap!! (guess which one I did!) Hopefully, tomorrow can be a pool day! We'll see!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I made a decision today to take a bit of a leap and start a second blog dedicated to fashion and product reviews, wish-lists, and my favorite clothing pieces, products, food, etc... of the moment. I will, of course, continue to update this blog with all the happenings in my, and my family's, life... especially regarding Connor and being a mommy!

That's the reason I started this blog; to be an inspiration to other young moms and wives out there who want a glimpse into the lives of real people who are trying to juggle the responsibilities of being parents while trying to hold on to at least a shred of a social life!

I hope you'll take a peek at my other blog someday! I'll post the name of it when it's all set up!

Back on topic...

We had the BEST family pool day today! There was no one else even there until about 1 pm, which is crazy because it was such a nice day! Anyway, we played at the baby pool for a few hours and then Jamie took Connor home in his wagon and I got to spend some mommy-alone-time sunning myself and talking with friends from the neighborhood. It's amazing how many more people we know in the subdivision now that we have Connor. Funny how children bring us all together!!

This evening, we ate on the river at King Fish. The weather was P E R F E C T today... and tonight was no different ... a perfect night to picnic on the river! We ordered takeout from the restaurant and then ate on a blanket down by the river while watching the sunset! Connor even found some little friends to 'play soccer' with after eating! What a great night!

PS - Notice Connor is wearing a Lakers jersey .... while I'm not a fan of NBA or these jersey things (unless they are blug with a UK on them!!) the Lakers are apparently in the NBA Finals, so I let it pass this one time!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Early Summer Fun

My parent's hosted a little shin-dig at their house this past Sunday to celebrate my grandfather's (my mom's dad) birthday! The weather rocked and we managed to hold off on the nap an extra hour and a half past Connor's regular nap-time .... so the day went well! I also made my grandfather a tasty batch of peanut butter fudge! It was my first crack at making fudge and it turned out excellent! Yea! I love getting recipes from because there are always a ton of recipe versions (if you are like me and have to find a recipe that only calls for things you have in your refrigerator, the multiple recipes are handy to have!) and there are always a bunch of reviews and tips for each recipe! (which I always need!)

Anyway, pics from Sunday...

Eating pudding cake .... yumm-o!

Connor and his Grandma (my mom) sitting out on the deck!

This little guy never fails to stop and smell the ... flowers

Connor's 1st Motorcycle ride with my Uncle Glenn (OK, I didn't actually let him start the engine or move the bike with him on it... but it was a cute pic!)

My parent's front yard ... why do we both look like we're standing so goofy? Oh well.