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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Logan Dean Brodsky

Proud to announce:
Logan Dean
Born July 27th at 12:57 PM.
8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tuesday is the Day! And We Are 39 Weeks!

Thursday, at my last doctor's appointment, I was 4 CM .... but unfortunately not 'in labor' like I was hoping!    I had even packed up my makeup and everything to put in my hospital bag that morning, just in case they sent me across the street to have a baby.   But no.

I'm still measuring perfect to a little small and the baby's heart rate is still in the upper 130's/lower 140's.  It's funny because, just like for the last few months, the baby moves wildly when they put the little hear rate monitor on my stomach so they have to fish around to find him!  What a stinker!!

SO, bottom line, we are scheduled for an induction on Tuesday morning at 6 AM!!  YAY!

I am bummed that they could not fit me in on Monday like we had initially discussed, but at least we now have a confirmed timeline of events .... unless he decides to come sooner!  In my head I keep thinking that Monday I'll probably just go into labor since that was the day we had decided to initially induce.  Who knows, maybe the the baby is an A-Type planner like me and had already made plans to come on tomorrow!  :)  We'll see!

Anyway, just wanted to give an update!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Little CrewCuts Model!

Because I just haven't talked about my little Connor enough lately, I decided to make him feel super special by breaking out a new outfit from his "back-to-school" stash and take him shopping for new pool toys!  He also got a haircut this morning, which he seemed genuinely excited about!

Anyway, we had a good little day together (which I'm trying to cherish as much as possible while he is my only munchkin, even though I'm quite miserable right now!) and I wanted to share these pics of just how cute my little cheese-ball is!

Wow- he really cheesed it up for this one!

I told him to keep his eyes open for this one and he did!  Gotta love the nap-bed-head!

38 Weeks: It's Getting to Be "That Time"

Oh lordy, the nights have gotten to be bad news bears.  Everything hurts more at night, and that's not just when you are pregnant.  I spent from 2 AM to 5:30 AM last night up and laying on the couch, using a stopwatch to monitor contractions .... and dealing with nausea... working up a sweat trying to determine if I should wake up Jamie and have us jump in the car.   Unfortunately, the end result was just a loss of sleep (which is the last thing I need!) and no baby! 

Now, had I not been so tired and if it hadn't been storming, I might have insisted we head to the hospital since I know they would keep me and eventually get this baby out.  If tonight goes the same as last night, that might just be the case!

I know (believe me!) that's it is much easier to take care of this little bugger while he is in my tummy, but between the night-time contractions and bathroom trips, I am just ready to get this party started, because I'm already not sleeping well!  Why not at least have a cute baby to show for it!  Grrr!

Sunday night, I got so desperate to get something started, I had Jamie buy me a Volcano Taco from Taco Bell and then I went for a walk/jog around the block - at 11 PM!!  Still nothing.  Hmmmm....

I'll keep you posted!  If nothing happens naturally before next week, Monday is the big day!  Thanks for stopping by!

38 Weeks (T-Minus 7 Days!)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready for Launch... Quick Doctor's Appointment Update

Went to the doctor today and here's the deal...

I've now progressed to about 3cm .... which I kind of thought would be the case because I was at least 4cm at this point (37-38 weeks) with Connor AND I've been having contractions at night that are keeping me awake!  At least it hasn't been for nothing!

Still 60-70% effaced... so that hasn't changed much... thank goodness, because the doctor alluded to the fact that the thinner and softer the cervix, the faster you can dilate... which is not in my best interest as far as getting to the hospital and getting an epidural!

Head is still down and the heartbeat is strong.  My belly is measuring perfect for 37.5 weeks (maybe a touch small, which I think is a good thing!) and blood pressure was very good!  Still no swelling.... which is amazing in this heat!  Yay!

I'm in the "it could happen at any moment" phase of this pregnancy at this point.  For me, that means not going any further from the hospital than my house (which is already 20-25 minutes as it is!) and not going many places (like malls, etc...) by myself as I'm scared of what might happen.  The doctor informed me that, based on how quickly I had Connor - where I basically broke all the rules of first-time-labor, I should not even call the office first when I go into labor.... just head straight to the hospital and call them on the way!  Sounds like a plan.

As I lay here writing this, I feel like it really could happen at any moment.  What does that really mean?  Probably nothing.  I'm playing mind games with myself at this point... which is pretty normal!

IF I can make it to 39 weeks without going on my own, I confirmed today that we will be scheduling an induction the last week in July.  Now that I am 3cm and having my second baby, there really is no question that I should be a great candidate for an induction in 10 days!  Whaaa hoooo!  (but honestly, I'd be shocked if I can make it to July 26th!)

I'll keep ya posted!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

37 Weeks and Still Cookin'

Ugh, no, not dinner... a baby!

Looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if any progress has been made!  I've been eating a ton of pineapple and walking at night... both things that are thought to induce labor... maybe.

I really feel like we are ready for this baby ... and I'm definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore.  A friend of mine told me it would be like this with the second baby... aka: less lust with being pregnant, and more rush to just 'get it over with already'!  She was right.

If it weren't for the fact that I am so nervous about not making it to the hospital in time for my epidural, I would be even more anxious to get this party started .... but the reality of it is, I am concerned about that!   Most experts (and moms) agree the second labor and delivery is much faster than the first.  That's the last thing I need since Connor's labor (that I felt) was less than 4 hours!

There does, however, seem to be no hard facts or figures on having your second baby earlier or later or about the same as your first.  I would assume most people have their subsequent babies earlier, but that doesn't always seem to be the case.  From what I've read, there really isn't much correlation between pregnancies in regards to when you will go into labor (or how!)

The doctors and nurses I talk to say to "leave for the hospital" at the first twinge or cramp... but in your 37th / 38th week, you feel weird things going on in there all the time ... and it's especially exaggerated with your second child!  I can't go running to L&D every time I feel something!!

I did program my delivering hospital into the navigation in my car as a "favorite" so no matter where I am in the city, I can always just punch it in and find the fastest way to the hospital.  My bags are packed and in the car.  I'm making sure not to skip any daily grooming steps - although I know if I let my hair go dirty an extra day, didn't shower, or got a huge un-coverable zit on my face, I would for-sure go into labor ASAP!  It's the whole "don't wear dirty underwear, you never know if you might get in an accident and the entire hospital will know" scenario!

Anyway, we've had no imminent signs of labor starting soon, so I'll just assume I'll be here to give you an update on what we find out at the doctor visit tomorrow!  I definitely feel a ton of Braxton Hicks (which are actually real 'practice contractions' at this stage in the game) that are mildly uncomfortable at times, but with no rhyme or reason.  Other than that, nothing. 

37 Weeks + 2 Days

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tractors - and Baby Doctor Update

It was finally under 90 degrees yesterday (although still 90 percent humidity) so I walked with Connor up to the house being built in our neighborhood right now.  Connor has had his eye on the Caterpillar tractor sitting in front of it for a few days - so I promised him we could go visit it!  This was probably the highlight of his week - or life!  I only had my cell phone to take pics, so they weren't great.. but better than nothing!  If only we could figure out a way to rent one of these suckers for Connor's third birthday party this Fall!  Hmm...

What a cheesy smile!!  He was so pumped!

Yesterday Jamie and I headed to my OB for my 36 week appointment.  After waiting an HOUR in the waiting room (I always end up with appointments with the dang on-call docs!) we finally went back.   My blood pressure is great - 110 over 64,  baby's heartbeat is perfect - in the high 130's (doc tor says it starts lowering in the final weeks/days of pregnancy because the baby isn't able to move around quite as much ... I didn't know that) and I'm measuring perfect for 36 weeks.   The exam showed that I am about 1.5cm dilated and 60% effaced ... so not A LOT of progress, but better than nothing!  With the pain and weirdness I've been feeling lately, I thought I might be dilated more, but no.

We also discussed the possibility of induction at 39 weeks (if I make it that long) due to the extremely rapid labor I experienced with Connor.  We won't be able to make that determination until my 38 week appointment, based on where my body is at that point.  I kind of have a feeling I won't make it to that point... I told Jamie last night my guess (based on pretty much nothing) is that I will go into labor some time between next week's 37 week appointment and my 38 week appointment.  We'll see ... but either way, July 26th is likely D-Day if I don't go before! YAY!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White, and Blue - 4 Weeks Till I'm Due!

So, we've made it to 36 weeks!  Woo hoo! 

In this final month, there will be 4 doctors appointments and exams... if I make it that long.  My next appointment is this Thursday, where hopefully we will get some good news (aka: dilation, effacement, etc...).  Connor was born 9 days early, so I'm hoping for at least that this time around.

This weekend has totally taken it out of me!  Between the heat and all the bad eating-out-food, I really need a couple days of rest - and getting back to our normal schedule, which means Connor going to bed before 11 PM!

Below are a few pics from Saturday and Sunday night fireworks - plus a sweet one of me in front of my new Swagger Wagon (my family thought this would be hilarious... haha) and my 36 week belly pic!

Riding on the "Comfy Cow" after getting ice cream!

Helping daddy pick out fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa's Saturday night...

Some where kind of loud!!

July 4th at our house

Dancing with our sparklers!

It got kind of dark, so you can't see how huge I am here... but you can here...

36 Weeks