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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday!

So, Connor and I are suffering from the same ailment, yet again! This nasty cold thing SUCKS!! SUCKS!! It all starts with Connor waking up in the middle of the night just randomly... that's always how it starts. Then, within 24 hours, we've got a full-blown snot situation! And, of course it's only a matter of time until I get it, too, thanks to the sneezes I get in my face and mouth and the runny nose that I have the privilege of wiping about 125 times a day (that may or may not be an exaggeration... at this point, it all runs together!) I blame our super active and cool lifestyle of hitting up the gym twice a week and Gymboree once a week (haha - that was supposed to be a joke... everyone knows, our life is pretty lame!!)

That said, I was SO good last week about going to the gym. After a million reasons had come and gone over the last 3 months (from Christmas, New Years, New York, Super-Bowl, and well, cold weather in general) I finally decided to do the one thing that every girl dreads. The one thing that will actually get me motivated to get my butt in gear and sweat. The one thing that we NEVER look forward to and then cry about to our girlfriends for weeks afterward... the dreaded "First trying on of the swimsuit" of the new year. (pause for the gasps and shock) Yes, I was forced to do this a bit earlier this year than normal due to our upcoming trip to Jamaica and needing to figure out what to pack, buy (hopefully nothing!), etc...

Side note: If you are a girl who does not understand what I am talking about ... please grab a donut and kindly move down to the next paragraph. IF, on the other hand, you are like me and millions of other women out there, stay with me.

I don't think I need to explain the horrific disgust (and maybe a little bit of denial) that goes with this ritual every year. For instance: "Why do swimsuit bottoms shrink in the winter time?" "It must be the cold weather." Or, "I'm pretty sure that didn't look like that last year... maybe it will disappear when I get a tan." You get the picture.

All of this to say, this totally motivated me to get back into going to the gym! I went 4 times last week, AND walked at night with friends from the neighborhood! Connor was doing SO much better in the play area so that I could actually do a 45 or 60 minute class! It was awesome!! I wish I could say that I ate and drank less, but lets face it, that's pretty much not going to happen ever.

With us being sick over the weekend and through today, there has been no gym time, so I'm crossing my fingers that Connor will bounce right back into the play area with no regression! I worry about that more than me not getting to the gym... I can work out in the basement (not that I do) but I really go more for the socialization time Connor gets out of it!

Pathetically, I actually got us both dressed to go to the gym today, but sidetracked over to TJ Maxx instead ... and then I decided that we needed to go to Target more than I needed to go to the gym (ha) so that's what we did. On a bonus note, I snagged a gorgeous J.Crew sweater at TJM for only $14 that's still online right now for $99! Score! It got my heart beating so fast, who needs to work out??

Tonight I'm fixing a New Orleans style meal. (pause for kudos on Fat Tuesday-Themed dinner!) I'm not sure where I've suddenly gotten my urges to cook, but last night I actually made homemade lasagna! (another pause for the shock to wear off) This is the last night this week I'm making a really good meal ... I don't want the fam to start getting used to it!! ;)
"Poor little sick Connor!"

PS: Do you ever click on a button or link online and then just sit and wait forever for something to happen without actually paying attention, but it turns out that you never actually hit the button and you're sitting and waiting for nothing... you really just needed to click the button again. This happens to me all the time ... just had to get that out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Obama Day!

Happy President's Day!! ... although I am a bit annoyed that both the Post Office and Bank were closed today as I had a lot of things to get done at both establishments! Apparently, some schools and preschools are closed, as well, because the Play Center at the gym today was totally packed and out of control! On a positive note, my mom was off work today, so Connor and I had a fun lunch with Grandma Sue today at Moe's after the gym (totally canceling out the workout from this morning... oh well!) My mom also came over to our house after lunch and tried to help me organize my china cabinet so it looks the best it can look!

So, on that note, our dining room furniture was delivered on Thursday and I'm so excited... it looks awesome! I spent HOURS on Valentine's Day organizing, cleaning, stacking, displaying, etc... the many wedding gift goodies that we've had hiding out in our basement for the last 2 years! To many, that may not sound like a fun afternoon - but to a semi-OCD perfectionist who loves to play with expensive grown-up things, it was a blast! I'm so relieved to finally have a place to display all of these gorgeous things we received when we got married... I always felt guilty having it just jammed in the basement on shelves in boxes... but now they are free to be seen!!

As if that wasn't enough, Connor and Jamie surprised me with flowers and a card Saturday morning, and then my parents watched Connor while Jamie and I ate downtown at Morton's and hung out at Proof on Main for drinks. What a great Valentine's Day!!

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower for a dear, lifelong friend who is expecting her second baby boy on March 21st... my birthday!! It was wonderful to see her and catch-up since we hardly ever get the chance to do that anymore! I'm also so excited to watch her bring another beautiful little baby boy into this world! She was such a wealth of wisdom and support for me when I was pregnant (since she knew about it first-hand already!) and I hope I can give back to her this time around!

Tonight is the neighborhood Bunco, which I'm totally pumped about! I won last month, so hopefully I can keep up a winning streak! But if not, who cares, it's a night out of the house with a bunch of fun moms! We're also supposed to see Bride Wars tomorrow night... that is if I can talk Jamie into getting home early 2 nights in a row!! I just ready to see a thoughtless, fun movie that doesn't make me cry or want to jump off a bridge! Here lately, we've been seeing some WEIRD movies ... so I'm ready for a little chick-flick action!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Moly! It's Been A While!

It's apparently been FOREVER since I've posted! I hadn't even noticed because things have been super busy around here! So, in the interest of this post not being a mile long, here are the top 10 things going on in our lives now and for the past couple of weeks!

10. Jamie made equity partner at work! This is such a huge accomplishment and he totally deserves it! Yea!

9. My Discovery Toys business is going great! Great friends have allowed me to set up business displays at their work and I've booked several parties for when our new catalogs come out March 1st! If any of you would like to host a party or for me to send you a catalog, or you know someone who might, please let me know!

8. We finally bought dining room furniture! Now I have a place to put all our beautiful wedding china, crystal and silver! Pictures to come soon! It will be delivered Thursday!

7. In 3-4 weeks I'll be the proud holder of my first passport! Jamie and I plan on going on a vacation at the end of March .... hopefully to Jamaica or the Bahamas... so I'll need a passport for the first time!

6. This is what your cabinet might look like if you are the parent of a 1-year-old! I just had to take a picture of this after my last trip! I SWEAR we do feed Connor real and healthy foods, but these little yellow Gerber treats are a life saver! Seriously!

5. I got my hair chopped off! Most people are telling me that it doesn't look that short, but I feel like it's super short! I usually don't like having shorter hair in the winter simply because it's cold, but there's nothing I can really do about it now!
4. My mom and I are hosting a CAbi party at my house in a couple of weeks! We went to a preview and the clothes were so cute! The last thing I need in my life is more clothes, but it's fun to hang out with friends, drink wine, and shop at home!
3. Why is UK's basketball team falling apart? There has been a couple bad losses here recently! Seriously? We play Florida tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a win! Jamie had the opportunity to snag us lower level tickets for the game tomorrow night, but it doesn't start until 9pm, so we had to turn it down due to lack of a late-night babysitter on a weeknight! Bummer!
2. I'm training to WALK the mini-marathon this Spring with a friend from the neighborhood! I bought a cute new outfit and Jamie got me new shoes for Christmas... so, the training is going well ;)
1. The snow has finally melted and things are getting back to normal! Actually, better than normal! Our outside temperature reading says 66 right now! Wow! As soon as Connor wakes up from his nap, we're heading outside!