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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Game

Unless you're living on a different planet (or potentially just in a different state) you know that this Sunday is the annual Kentucky verses Louisville football game. Obviously, our house will be wearing a lot of blue and I will be wishing I was back in Lexington where EVERYONE cheers for the right team, instead of here where it is a constant battle.

Anyway, here is something I have never understood : putting both a UK and UofL flag on your car at the same time. Something about this just makes me laugh. You cannot cheer for both teams - not when they're playing each other!! When they are playing each other you must make a decision of allegiance. Maybe I feel this way because I was raised in Louisville, but under the "Wildcat Religion" which clearly states you cannot cheer for your biggest rival - ever- even if, as people who don't understand like to point out, you live in Louisville. To place a Louisville flag right next to a Kentucky flag on your car should be illegal (in fact, it might be - I'm sure it's a city ordinance in Lexington).

I digress - I kind of feel better getting this off my chest. I'm thinking of carrying a camera with me in the car so I can catch a picture of this rare event. I'll keep ya posted!

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