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Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Day-to-Day

Well, we are adjusting to not having the neighborhood pool open everyday. It sucks. Now that the schools are back up and running, the pool doesn't open until 4, so Connor and I are stuck either going to the gym (ugh) or shopping (must stop that!) or hanging out at home (kind of boring). So, I am spending the next week or so getting us signed up for all kinds of stuff to actually do this fall and winter so we are not bored. Bored = eating all day, spending too much money, and getting nothing done. I'm starting ballet classes this week, which is a good start to finding myself stuff to do, but that's in the evening which cuts into my Jamie-time, so that's the only thing I want to schedule at night. I'm thinking of doing the swimming lessons again with Connor, which I feel were super productive as he is now completely loving water and baths, and this summer at the pool has been a joy because of those lessons. I guess I need to add this to my list of things to do - I guess I'll put it on next week!

Jamie and I are planning our second anniversary celebration, which should be a lot more fun than last year's considering I was 9 months prego. Last year, Jamie took me to the greatest B&B and we had dinner at Jeff Ruby's (were we had our rehearsal dinner) and everything was a total surprise - it was awesome! When we checked in to the B&B, I swear the lady looked at me like, "Please do not give birth in our nicest suite."... she even asked when I was due, it was pretty obvious she was concerned ... especially when we both laughed and were like, "Any day now!" haha :) (see picture - us at Jeff Ruby's!)

Anyway, this year, we're having to be a little less "spontaneous" about our plans since we have a baby and 2 dogs to deal with. I'm just happy to be able to have wine with dinner (minus the terrible heart burn) and sleep in a place where I don't feel compelled to do laundry at 11 o'clock at night. I swear, I would sleep at the Red Roof Inn by the airport and not even care - it is just SO nice to sleep outside of the house sometimes - what a break!

OK - trying to get to bed before 12 tonight - so I am out.


Lindsey Brodsky said...

I just look at this picture and think about the blissful ignorance regarding what is about to happen to our life - about 20 days from becoming parents - so clueless, it's almost cute.

Abby said...

Amen to that, sister! It's crazy how your sense of normalcy changes so dramatically once a baby makes its appearance! Love your blog, btw. I'm adding you to the list of blogs I stalk (such an addiction!).