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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Good 2 B Home!

Finally, we are back home from our vacation to Huntington Beach, CA to visit Jamie's parents. I use the term vacation loosely, as we did have to take Connor, who is more and more independent and acrobatic everyday, on a 2-leg plane ride cross-country. Anyway, my sister came with us to help with Connor (thank God, because there is no way I could have done it by myself) and Jamie hung back in the Ville so he could catch up on some work.

Day 1, Connor's 1st Plane Ride: First off, we did not use Benadryl or cough medicine for Connor as prescribed by all mothers who offered their opinions on air travel. Not that I'm against the use of medications to subdue a child (believe me, I am not!) but I just never got around to giving it to him and I had this sweet little idea that my perfect child would get on the plane, get sleepy, and just sleep 8 hours like a perfect little angel while we traveled in a hot stuffy plane and trekked through a loud airport. Hilarious. The first whole 5 minutes went great, then we started to take off, so like a good mommy I took out the little 4 ounce bottle of apple juice cut with 50% water and popped it into his little mouth as we lifted off the ground (FYI to those who haven't flown with babies - lucky - this is to keep the ears comfortable or some crap, anyway). Apparently, since Connor isn't used to drinking the juice from a bottle (duh, why didn't I think of that???) he started choking on it and threw up ALL OVER me. Yes, it was as horrible as it sounds I PROMISE. AND, on top of everything else, it really did smell like puke, not just spit up. So, as I am sitting in a puddle of puke for 2 hours until we get to Denver, I'm sure the people around me are thrilled. Whatever ....
Eventually he does go to sleep right as we're getting ready to land and we keep him that way through our huge 2 minute layover in Denver and for most of the second flight until we got to Orange County. When we got to Jamie's parent's house it was 3 am Louisville time ... needless to say, Lisa and I were exhausted.
Oh yeah, and in true airline fashion, they broke our new Mia Moda stroller that we gate checked, so we didn't have a stroller for the first couple days of our trip. Awesome.
As a side note, we flew to LA for only $250 on Frontier Airline (yes, the bankrupt one) and it was probably the best customer service and flights we've ever had - no delays, no lost baggage, and they were very helpful with the broken stroller incident. At least there are still a few people left in this country who still appreciate and take pride in the work and customer service they provide ... even if they might not get their next paycheck.

Days 2-6, Grammy is taking care of Connor, life is good: My sister and I go to the beach and life is good. Funny story, some weirdo was asking girls to put sun lotion on his back - random - eeww- and everyone was saying "no". (hasn't this guy heard of the continuous spray lotion?) So, turns out, as we watch him walk to the ocean he makes some comment about being "red" and we notice he has a big swastika tattooed on his arm. Needless to say, this was an uncomfortable situation that warranted us moving our towels. The west coast is pretty long, why tan next to a Nazi?
I also had the opportunity to scout out some great plastic surgery options while we were on the beach. Gotta love LA. Also, as an end note to this vacation, I don't care how many butt crunches you do at the gym (girl or guy) a thong is still disgusting. I'm entitled to my opinion.

Day 7, We Fly Home: As a more schooled mommy-of-flying-baby we nixed the apple juice this time around and introduced the well-loved and tested pacifier. The flights on the way back were SO much smoother than on the way there (plus earlier in the day) and Connor did great! The only snafu, our mini-DVD player broke (hex on Sony) but I will be going to Circuit City later this weekend and getting that worked out!!

So, now we're home and heading to the KY State Fair here in a couple minutes. I KNOW I will have some stories for ya about this experience. I'll keep you posted...

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