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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Know It's the End of the Summer When ....

A Top 5 (Because I Don't Have Time For a Top 10 This Week)

5. Sunscreen: Yes, sunscreen is an important part of summer (we live on Coppertone Babies Continuous Spray SPF 50), yet as the end of the hot and sunny days quickly approaches, I find myself limiting the sunscreen usage (on myself, not Connor, of course!) because I feel like everyday could potentially be the last nice day to lay out. Juvenile? Yes. Unhealthy? Yes. No lectures please, I like a nice tan and Connor and I have taken full advantage of being able to go to the pool all summer ... see you at the Botox counter in 2025.

4. KY State Fair: Ah yes, the annual festival of horrible fried foods and mullets. We go at least twice. And take the camera. We never take pictures of us, but of the wonderful selection of Kentuckians (and southern Indiana) that surround us when we're there. I don't mean the "farmer" type who live on farms and breed animals - I actually respect the pride they take in their family and trade, even if grooming and milking a goat doesn't sound good to me, who am I to judge? I like Britney Spears. No, I'm talking about the men and women wearing their nicest black tapered jeans and wife-beater tanks, a cig in one hand and a baby in the other, donning the freshly groomed mullet (male or female) hair-do. I love it. If you aren't from here, you aren't really allowed to judge because you just sound kind of mean.... on the other hand, if you grew up here like I did, it's nice to fun watch in amazement and thank your lucky stars you turned out as good as you did. Nuff said.

3. Woodmont pool is not open during the day: I knew this one was coming. School is back in session and now Connor and I are stuck hanging out in the back yard and the 6 inch baby pool on the deck. The pool does open at 4, but what's the point of that? (see #5)

2. Halloween and Christmas decor is already on store shelves: I think we're all noticed this. Heaven forbid you should actually be looking for summer clothing or decor right now because that was clearanced out in April to make room for winter coats, Halloween candy, and Santa wreathes. (secretly, I really don't mind this - I get REALLY excited for Christmas)

1. Connor is almost one!! I remember debating this time last year if he was going to be a summer of fall baby. Due on October 4th, he made he debut on September 26th last year (see picture from August LAST year). We are having a huge 1st B-day party bash for him at the neighborhood clubhouse and I'm so excited. I'm not even delusional enough to think Connor cares, but I'm having a great time planning it!!

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