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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looooong Weekend!

Normal people look forward to long weekends like it's Christmas or happy hour, and when I was working, I did too. I would have it circled in bright-pink highlighter marker on my calendar as a beacon to look forward to. However, times have changed. Now a long weekend basically means a change in Connor and my schedule - and I'm not sure which one of us gets more cranky when our schedule is changed. Anyway - I am also especially not fond of Labor Day because it marks the end of summer - truly: no more white pants (although I'm still wearing them if I want, who is anyone else to judge? if people can wear acid wash jeans 2 sizes too small in public, what is the harm is some mid-weight cotton blend white trousers after Labor Day?) plus, the pool is closing.

Yesterday we spent what is probably our last day at the pool with the family. It started out cloudy which meant it was too cool to get into the pool with Connor (no biggie - you still get rays in the clouds, right?) so we took Connor for a walk in his stroller and he took about an hour nap (I think Jamie did too :) and then it ended up sunny - which we preceded to complain about because it was too hot. We played with Connor in the baby pool for a while and then headed home. Sigh. Our last pool day.

Actually, I'm thinking of this as my permission to stop worrying about swimsuit season and start gearing up for what I like to call "Eating Season", which begins with Football season, includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Superbowl, and HOPEFULLY ends with Valentines Day - just enough time to HOPEFULLY get yourself back on track for Memorial Day - which marks the beginning of swimsuit season once again. I say hopefully because, as we know, even the best made plans and efforts sometimes are not possible! Jamie, who is clearly not well versed in how I plan my life around these "seasons" has suggested possibly taking a trip to the Caribbean in March. This will COMPLETELY mess with the seasons, or I'll only have about a month to transition between "Eating" and "Swimsuit" - I'll keep you posted on what's going to happen here.

On a gross note - well, sad really, I cut my finger (BAD) on a mandolin slicer making us crunchy potatoes for dinner last week and it is NOT healing well. This is what I get for trying to do something creative. Anyway, it's hard to type not because of the ginormous band aid on my left hand ring finger (which by the way prevents me from being able to take my ring off at will and is the hand I write and eat with, so this really sucks - hopefully it will be healed by Eating Season - haha ;)

Well, I'm off to fold laundry, hang our UK window flag from my car, shower and dress myself in blue before Connor wakes up! GO CATS!

1 comment:

Mommy Webb said...

Love your "Eating Season" vs. "Swimsuit Season" analogy. Fortunately, I have all of eating season to work off the baby pounds. You probably popped back down into size zero after Conner. But not hatin'- just congragulatin':).