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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thought I Would Never Say These Words...

We're getting a mini-van!

Yep, you read that correctly. 

I always said I would never get one until I was at least 30... which I'm not... so this is a real shocker to my own system.  But...

As it turns out, I feel like an SUV is not exactly the mom-mobile I thought it was.  It's hard to get Connor in and out of, and because I refuse to drive a huge, monstrosity of an SUV, the size that I am happy with (what I have now) barely holds my new one-and-a-half stroller.  And, with our awesome new Britax infant seat installed (which I'm kind of obsessed with!), the passenger seat has to be moved all the way up!

Soooo, that got me to thinking ... thinking dirty dirty thoughts ... about looking into a mini-van.

2010 Honda Odyssey

Now, the Honda Odyssey was always in my head as the only van I would ever consider, but since the new 2011 Sienna hit the streets, that's now our front-runner choice!  It has everything the Odyssey does, plus a ton of the extra-nice options that I'm used to with my car now.  And after a long test-drive with the fam, trying out and playing with all the fun things a van has to offer (and there is really just too much to mention!) I am totallly SOLD on getting a van ... and now I want it sooner rather than later!  It's going to make my life SOOOO much easier... especially with the second little one on the way!

2011 Toyota Sienna

Why am I telling you all this?  I guess it makes me feel better to get it out there - I feel like it's a deep dark secret  that I'm carrying around and it feels better to get it off my chest!

So, I'll keep you posted on when the big day will be .... we just have to sell my car first!  It will be a sad day .... but momma likey the mini-van .... at least for the next few years!

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Ashley Stone said...

congrats on your swagger wagon! ; )