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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sometimes Bigger IS Better

Logan's 1-month appointment was Thursday and boy was I surprised at his weight!  11 pounds 11 ounces!  Wow-ee!  I was looking back through Connor's baby book and he didn't weigh that much until his 2-month check-up!

We are amazed that Logan is in the 90th percentile in both length (22.5") and weight when Connor started out as only 50 percentile and has slowly worked his way down to about the 20th!  I guess Logan will be beating up on Connor sooner than we thought!

What does this all mean?  A few things:  We had to buy some summer clothes for Logan because he already grew out of the things I had for him AND he is sleeping better than Connor was at his age!  Yea!

All of us out to dinner at Stoney River for my mom's birthday and Jamie's parents anniversary!

And Logan slept through it all, of course!

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TinnyMey said...

ohhhhh he is so sweet!