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Friday, April 22, 2016

Baby #3 - Back At It With Attitude and Maternity Jeans

Back into the world of maternity jeans and picking out baby strollers.  After an almost 6-year hiatus, we are pregnant with our third baby boy.  And I'm realizing how much has changed since my youngest was born almost 6 years ago.  Not only our lives, our home, jobs, careers, friends, etc... but the world of fashion and baby gear.

My head is literally spinning, but I'm going to start here: since my youngest was born, there has been the introduction of many maternity lines including J.Crew, H&M, and some higher end designers sprinkled in there along the way.  I've been contemplating having a third ever since J.Crew started making maternity (ok not really, I joked about it, but here we are, so now I get to give it a try!).

First of all, maternity jeans are amazing.  When my younger, single, and kid free sister asked if I was "already wearing maternity jeans?" my response was automatic and, if I do say so, correct.  "Hell yeah, they're amazing!  YOU might want to try them some time!"    The reality is, they do make you question everything.  Like, why do I even wear jeans that don't have a stretchy waist?  Why NOT eat seconds at the dinner table?  So this is what I look like without denim-induced love handles?!  Etc... you get the picture.  (all of this loveliness is of course countered by the trying-to-fit-back-into-my-regular-jeans routine that begins about 6 weeks postpartum... but we'll save that for the Fall ... {eye roll}).

Anyhow, I do plan on getting back to the blog, and hashing out the next 6 months.  Already the difference in mindset and philosophy is huge .... much different than with the first two, although I don't think there's any bigger difference than after your first pregnancy/child.

Here's the thing, with my oldest (Connor- and of course in true first-born-supremecy style the blog IS named after him lol) I was old 23/24 years old ... sheesh! Basically a baby myself.  Got pregnant on the first swing (never appreciated that, by the way) and was learning and doing the best I could....with a husband that was learning right along with me.  That was pre-iPhone fever where there is most certainly "an app for that" and before I had my momfidence (mom confidence) about me.

Fast forward to 2016 ..... over 30 ... things are looking a bit different.   I mean EVERYTHING.  The body is different (duh), mindset (i.e.: you know, our moms all drank and smoked and ate GMO and I'm damn near perfect, right!?), goals are loftier (i.e.: beyond just not puking up breakfast) and the baby gear improvements ..... OH MY ... everything can operate using a cell phone app?  Sign me up!

Be sure to follow this blog for more to come ... probably most of it in a sarcastic, tired-mom, I-just-want-a-giant-glass-of-wine tone... you've been warned...


PS: Obligatory tummy pic - cause you need something to look at and keep your attention I'm sure.

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