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Monday, September 1, 2008

An End to a Great Weekend

Last night Jamie and I hit up Captain's Quarters for their last big Sunday night hoo-rah of the summer. It was fun and less crowded than Memorial Day weekend, which means better bar service and less time waiting in a bathroom line. It was nice to get out without Connor and have a good time and see people we haven't seen all summer. But, as most people know from personal experience, there is a elevated risk in big over-populated crowds of seeing or being cornered by unwanted acquaintances. This is a risk you must calculate before leaving the house. I honestly thought we would be safe from this "threat" last night as the big game kept most people securely partied-out at home or those who wore red, crying themselves to sleep. However, there still managed to be a few choice encounters that have given me a lot to laugh and talk about today - to those of my closest friends who probably have an idea of what/ who I am talking about feel free to give me a call for some more details of the encounter - it's worth it - I promise.

Moving on.

Today was REALLY REALLY fun. Let me tell you about our full schedule of super-fun activities today:

11 am - try to go to Costco - it's not open on Labor Day. I guess that's why we pay the membership fee... the convenience. I asked Jamie to call and see if they were going to be open before we drove there - needless to say, he did not.

12 am - get home from picking Connor up from my parents. Put Connor down for a nap.

1 pm - go to Walmart to get formula, conditioner and cream cheese. Awesome.

2 pm - get home. Jamie and I wash both cars while simultaneously trying to keep Connor occupied and within the confines of his baby pool and control Charlotte's barking at passers-by.

3:30pm - start making food for the family gathering this afternoon.

4:30pm - decide there is now no time to take a shower before going to the family gathering, sitead decide to put on Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion instead, reapply deodorant, get dressed and head out the door. This is actually a trick I'm getting very good at.

5:15 pm - arrive late at the family gathering, although it really doesn't matter. Consume 2 glasses of wine and WAY too much food, making me a little groggy and fussy myself. Eat more when dessert is served. Dang it. Diet starts again tomorrow - wait, swimsuit season ended today - sweet!

8 pm - arrive back at home where we play with Connor, change a dirty diaper, give a bottle and put him to bed.

At this moment, I believe Jamie is watching his football team get trounced by Tennessee, who we hate by virtue of being UK fans. All of our exciting activities have also been interjected by taking care of a sick dog who has just gone through radiation treatment, followed by 24/7 cleaning on the house due to the previous - plus what normally needs to be cleaned anyway. Being the perfect little angel (haha) he is, Connor was in truly is great form and was a pleasure to be with today, which pretty much makes everything A-OK in my book! I think it might have something to do with the fact he spent all last night and this morning with his Grandma Sue and Grandpa Ron - that always brings out his best side!

Well, I've got some online shopping to do - I heard on the radio yesterday the must-haves from A Long Lean Fall are: skinny pants/jeans, a pencil skirt, and a sweater dress. Of course, anything from last year would have worked except all the new colors for fall are mustard yellow, eggplant (eww), and slate gray (ok - I'm just repeating what I heard!) so I'm off to the dot com shopping meccas to find bargains on a new fall wardrobe that doesn't involve last year's maternity jeans, flip-flops, and tunic dresses!!

Happy September! :)

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