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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Happy Election Day!

Seriously, I was so pumped to vote you would have thought I turned 18 just yesterday! Connor and I popped on our "Vote" shirts this morning (ok, Connor's is a onsie, mine is a shirt - they didn't have onsies in my size ... so we didn't EXACTLY match ;) and headed on down to the local UAW to cast our vote for 'Change'. There was no huge line at 10am (bonus!) so we were in and out in a hurry ... which kind of made it anti-climatic, but meaningful just the same!

As important as it is for everyone to vote, my state, Kentucky, gets basically no attention from any candidate as we always vote the same way. Not Louisville necessarily, but Kentucky, Yes. I won't even go into the misunderstandings and misleadings of politics to unsuspecting folks who don't know any better than to just listen to what the newspapers and churches tell them to think .... really a moot point at this juncture. But I can imagine how exciting it must be to live in a state were something is really at stake - a "swing" state. How exciting!

And, I must also say how incredibly jealous I am of all my friends in Chicago getting to attend Obama's rally tonight! Lucky brats!! Back at home, we'll be watching the election coverage on an over-sized TV in the basement, eating pizza and drinking 'beverages' until what I have a feeling might be late into the night!

When we wake up tomorrow, no matter which side wins this election, this country will be on a new, exciting path! I can't wait! GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

1 comment:

Abby said...

I wish I had that onesie for Beck -I assume it's a nonpartisan onesie, right??? He he he :) Yay for Connor walking and boo to the flu shot you have to get - soooo not fun. Mine hurt for two days afterwards :P