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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Obama Day!

Happy President's Day!! ... although I am a bit annoyed that both the Post Office and Bank were closed today as I had a lot of things to get done at both establishments! Apparently, some schools and preschools are closed, as well, because the Play Center at the gym today was totally packed and out of control! On a positive note, my mom was off work today, so Connor and I had a fun lunch with Grandma Sue today at Moe's after the gym (totally canceling out the workout from this morning... oh well!) My mom also came over to our house after lunch and tried to help me organize my china cabinet so it looks the best it can look!

So, on that note, our dining room furniture was delivered on Thursday and I'm so excited... it looks awesome! I spent HOURS on Valentine's Day organizing, cleaning, stacking, displaying, etc... the many wedding gift goodies that we've had hiding out in our basement for the last 2 years! To many, that may not sound like a fun afternoon - but to a semi-OCD perfectionist who loves to play with expensive grown-up things, it was a blast! I'm so relieved to finally have a place to display all of these gorgeous things we received when we got married... I always felt guilty having it just jammed in the basement on shelves in boxes... but now they are free to be seen!!

As if that wasn't enough, Connor and Jamie surprised me with flowers and a card Saturday morning, and then my parents watched Connor while Jamie and I ate downtown at Morton's and hung out at Proof on Main for drinks. What a great Valentine's Day!!

Yesterday, I went to a baby shower for a dear, lifelong friend who is expecting her second baby boy on March 21st... my birthday!! It was wonderful to see her and catch-up since we hardly ever get the chance to do that anymore! I'm also so excited to watch her bring another beautiful little baby boy into this world! She was such a wealth of wisdom and support for me when I was pregnant (since she knew about it first-hand already!) and I hope I can give back to her this time around!

Tonight is the neighborhood Bunco, which I'm totally pumped about! I won last month, so hopefully I can keep up a winning streak! But if not, who cares, it's a night out of the house with a bunch of fun moms! We're also supposed to see Bride Wars tomorrow night... that is if I can talk Jamie into getting home early 2 nights in a row!! I just ready to see a thoughtless, fun movie that doesn't make me cry or want to jump off a bridge! Here lately, we've been seeing some WEIRD movies ... so I'm ready for a little chick-flick action!

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