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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm sure we've all heard someone (or ourselves) use the phrase "I could screw up a toaster waffle" to illustrate how bad we are at cooking. It's supposed to be a funny 'dig' on ourselves, but for the most part, I think we all know that it's nearly impossible to screw up a toaster product besides just burning it! NOT TRUE! My morning started out as any other ... Connor gets me up, I drink coffee and he drinks juice, he eats a banana and I have cereal, then he wants "mo" (which means 'more' for those of you who don't speak toddler) and I throw in an Eggo. SO, I grab the waffle from the box in the freezer and throw it in the toaster while simultaneously pushing the lever down. Big mistake! Somehow the waffle got lodged between the wall of the toaster and the little metal basket piece!! I tried to get it out with my fingers, but couldn't! Meanwhile, the waffle is smoking and charring onto the inside of the toaster!! I quickly unplugged the toaster and began trying to dig the waffle out of the toaster with no luck. I'm looking at the stupid thing right now and I'm not doing anything more with it. This is going to be Jamie's little project when he gets home tonight! You now officially know someone who screwed up making a toaster waffle. Wow. I guess I should have read the directions:

"1.)Place the waffle in the toaster. 2.) Press arm down. 3.) Wait for it to pop up. WARNING: Do not perform steps one and two simultaneously. Possible disaster could occur!"

On a different note, I am freezing and it's not even cold outside. After consistently getting HUGE LG&E bills this winter, I've decided that I am no longer going to have a warm home. It used to not be a big deal, but with the crappy economy and pressure to spend less, quick frankly, the LG&E bill is really cutting into my spending money. So, I turned both our thermostats down 3 degrees for the Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night settings! Even Jamie has been cold lately and I keep Connor in layers. Hopefully this will buy us at least a tank of gas! We'll see... I'll report back!

To stay out of the cold house more (and to get in swimsuit shape for Jamaica in a few weeks!) we've been going to the gym a lot! (well, a lot more than usual... which was once per week!) I even bought a heart rate monitor watch that calculates your calories burned and target heart rate during workouts! Awesome! It's really cute and pink (see picture... isn't she cute?) which is an added bonus! I've actually already noticed a difference in how I feel and how clothes fit from working out more... which is motivating on top of the fancy watch!

Well, I'm off to go walking OUTSIDE! That's right! The weather is finally shaping up! I wonder how long it will be until we can safely dry-clean and store all heavy sweaters and coats!! Vote on it at the top right side of the page!

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