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Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Is Coming!!

The recent warm weather has gotten me in the mood for Spring! It makes me think of all the great things I look forward to every Spring!

10.) It's sunny again! Thank God! I am so sick of dreary, sunless days... it's just depressing!

9.) It's warmer, which means lots of fun things like: going outside more on walks and with Connor to play, not having to spend hours bundling the family up before heading out the door, lower LG&E bill (for now... until it's hot :), getting out of bed is easier in the morning because it's not FREEZING in the house, etc etc... you get the picture! The up-side to warmness is pretty much never ending!!

8.) Clothing swap-out! This kind of goes with #9, but as the weather warms up, it's time to start moving those heavy sweaters and fall-hued cords upstairs and start bring down the tank tops and sundresses!! Yea! It's kind of like going shopping, but in my own house!

7.) House gets a clean-up and a clear-out! This actually piggy-backs on #8 because as all the clothing, shoes, winter garb is moved to different areas in the house, it gives me a chance to clear out old crap I don't want anymore and clean areas that don't get touched nearly often enough! I assume that's wear the term "Spring Cleaning" came from, huh?

6.) Keeneland!! Any excuse to get out of the house and dress up, right?! It's like Derby, but cooler because it only costs like $2 to get in, you can actually find your friends once inside, parking is free and close, and they let you tailgate in the parking lot! Sweet!

5.) The Kentucky Derby! Ok, I have to admit that I am not exactly a big betting, horse, or Derby kind of gal (yeah, I know... it's almost a sin to say that when you live here... it's like saying you don't like bourbon... which I don't ;) and I don't even do a hat when we go (for lots of reasons... mostly because they are annoying) but I love love love planning the outfits!! It's also fun to people watch and look at all the pretty dresses and crazy hats!!

4.) .... but much MORE fun is going to the track in the Spring on non-Derby and Oaks days to spot the classic "mullet", "dressed way to young for her age", "lives in a tanning bed bleach blond" or "drunkest" people. There are a lot, A LOT, of rednecks that come out in full-force to the racetrack. It's like moths to a light bulb ... hilarious!! I'm allowed to say this because I was born and raised here and I feel I have full authority to be brutally honest!! Always a fun time at the track in the Spring!!

3.) Derby Festival activities! The fam and I really love to do things outdoors when possible when the weather gets nice. I don't mean athletic things like biking and hiking (bluh... if you know me, you know I do not do these things!) but I mean things like the Chow Wagon, outdoor concerts, Balloon Glows, etc... This year should be even more fun now that Connor is older and can run around and play! Can't wait!

2.) Bat's baseball games! Usually these are fun and it's an excuse to eat bad food and drink beer! Plus, I have some seriously cute outfits and hats for Connor to wear to the games this spring/ summer ... so we'll be going to quite a few games!!

1.) The pool opens soon!! Yea!! I plan on spending every nice day there this summer, just like last summer, since it's in our neighborhood and it's free! On my list of "Reasons Why I Love Not Working", 'Going to the pool during the summer' is #2 on the list after 'Getting to stay at home with Connor!' I seriously can't wait!

This year, we're taking a sans-baby Spring vaca to Jamaica!! I wish I could put this on a list of things I look forward to every year ... but I doubt that's going to happen!!


Laura Camic said...

I am SO SO SO jealous that you are a stay at home mom... i wish that I could go to the pool this summer!!

Lindsey B. said...

Although going to the pool beats working any day, it's not like the old days where you get to layout and relax! Running after a toddler in a swimsuit gets kind of old by about mid-July!!