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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Hangover

I feel like I am still in the morning after 'hangover' from our trip. Not just me, but the entire family. It's hard for anyone to adjust to a three hour time change, but trying to adjust a 2-year-old, while keeping some degree of normalcy in our life is really tough. Not that I'm complaining about little Connor sleeping until 10 in the morning, but honestly we are going to be screwed when preschool starts next week! Our biggest issue is getting to bed at a decent time of night - the weather is just so nice and we have been doing so many fun things outside that it's impossible to get Connor in bed before 10 PM! (not to mention it stays light outside until 9 PM!)We have to be to school by 8:30 AM ... ahh! This means we need to leave the house by 8 AM - so the current sleep schedule is clearly not OK anymore!

Speaking of preschool, we had a parent/ student/ teacher conference yesterday at Chance School. We were able to meet Connor's teacher and student teacher, purchase his little school bag, and get our carpool drop-off and pick-up info! Connor's teacher is AMAZING ... she has been teaching 2 year olds for 35 years and shares many of the same ideas about parenting and teaching that Jamie and I have... including about discipline, religion, etc... and she even loves using Discovery Toys in her classroom! I am SO excited about our situation at this school... we were SO lucky to get in! Next Monday will be fun, exciting, scary and sad all at the same time ... expect to see some tears on the computer screen! ;)

Connor's little school bag for snacks and lunch!

Of course, as the shop-o-holic I am, I had to get him this super cute lunch box and book bag from PBK with his name on it! I have never seen such a small back pack! Love it!

Have you ever seen a backpack so small?? Too cute!

On a different note, we are still going through issues with my LR2 and we're contemplating trading for a different car at the same dealership. Fortunately for me, one of the other car brands they have is Porsche. Last night Jamie and I went to test-drive the Cayenne... and of course we loved it! I don't even want to talk about it too much because i don't want to get my hopes up... but I really hope we decide to order this car!! I love that it has automatic opening and closing of the tailgate, plus built-in garage door openers... two options that you would think my fully-loaded Land Rover would have, but doesn't, because it wasn't offered on the LR2. Jamie is really the one who loves Porsche - he's been having withdraws since we sold the Boxter when Connor was born ... plus he's forced to buzz around in a super-sweet hybrid right now because of all his commuting to Lexington .... so I think he would really like to have this car to drive on the weekends and evenings, in addition to me just loving it in general! Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jamie decides we can't live without this car! ;)

So this isn't a brand-new one, but it's the closest I could find to the one we're looking to get!

AND, just to make my day even better, Jamie did the grocery shopping for me last night and brought home roses! I am so spoiled!!

OK - back to the laundry! Gotta get something done in the house today before heading out for Girls Night tonight!


Amy said...

aww...Connor is going to look so cute with his little lunchbox and backpack!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

mrs.anketell said...

Just found your blog here, saw your fashion blog, love it! This one relates to me----I also have a two and a half year old boy---who I adore. I am also a teacher full time, and have enjoyed my summers off with my little boy. But, as Labor Day gets closer, I am sad to go back to work, and for my boy to go back to "school"/preschool/daycare. He is in a home daycare/school situation with an amazing teacher and four other kids his age. So, I know how hard it is to adjust to a fall schedule! Jacob sleeps until 9:00 every morning and we just go all day swimming, playing, running errands, you name it! It's going to be hard to get him to bed at a decent hour, after Labor Day! Even more difficult to get dinner done with earlier,too!! Anyway, good luck, and can't wait to read more of your blog:)