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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiration at the Beach

I skipped my weekly fitness post on Monday since we are already in California, which was what I was working toward. Anyway, we have now been here a week and I'm happy to report that, with the help and support of my sister who has a running background, I have walked/ jogged along the beach five of the last seven days! Woo hoo! I already feel myself getting stronger and able to run longer distances (which isn't really saying much) so I plan on running every day for the remainder of my vacation in Cali! My goal is to be able to run 2 miles easily when I get back home. Of course, here, I get to run outside and by the beach... at home it's really too hot to run outside, so I'll be hitting the gym... but 2 miles just the same.

It dawned on me a couple of days ago the lifestyle differences among stay-at-home moms (and others) who live in southern California and those who live, well, pretty much everywhere else! This area is filled with flat-stomached mommies, fit and toned retirees, and young six-packed co-eds. So what's the deal? Whether it's walking a dog, walking your kid, or walking to walk... people here are really on the move. Is it the gorgeous weather and proximity of the beach? Me think YES! Here is an example of the difference in our day here and at home:

While we're at home: we wake up, drive to the gym, I work-out inside while Connor plays in the playroom, we drive home, get ready, drive to the pool, drive home, put Connor down for a nap....

While we're here: we wake up, walk to the beach and walk/ run for about an hour, walk back home and back out to the beach with Connor, walk back home, put Connor down for a nap...

Notice the difference?

It's so cool living within walking distance of everything you need... especially when it creates and more active and healthy lifestyle! I have no doubt that if I lived in a place like Huntington Beach (which is where we are right now) I could be as fit (and tanned) as I wanted with almost no additional effort!

Why? It's just so easy! It's not like there aren't bad foods and bars here; coffee and donut shops, fast food, and margaritas. But, people around here seem to have a bit more of a grip on their bodies and how to live how they want to live. No excuses ... not the "mommy" excuse, not the "I work at a desk" excuse, etc... No, not everyone is thin and fit... but the ratio is much different here than in many areas of the country ... especially the south and midwest.

Why? I truly believe it's just easier when you live in a more moderate climate! A lot of my excuses for not working out just don't even exist in this climate: snow, cold, humidity, allergens, rain, super-hot, etc... it just doesn't happen here!

So..... what to do...

Shall we all pack up and move to Sunny C.A.?

Probably not.

But, what you can learn from this lifestyle is to not to be over-looked!


Kari said...

girl you are inspirational to be working out on vacation!

Connor looks like such a little man!

Lindsey B. said...

Thanks! It makes me feel better when I get home and haven't gained 10 pounds! 2 weeks is a long time! I've fallen off the wagon a little bit since Jamie has been here ... I'm really looking forward to getting home!