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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cracking Me UP

Connor showing off his "Birthday Hat" he got at preschool yesterday!

Connor has changed so much just since he started his 2-Day Preschool. We've noticed him becoming more patient, self-sufficient (as far as playing alone, getting the toys he wants off the shelf, etc...) and more vocal and social (which we didn't really think was possible!). It kind of makes me wish we had started him in the 3 or 5 day program, but we can still do that next year when he is in the 3's class.

I attribute a lot of this immediate improvement simply to the fact that he is 1 of 8 at school, but at home, he is getting constant attention. His teachers are amazing. That's right, he has TWO teachers for just 8 kids... which is why it might be hard for us to ever switch over to public school later on! From what we have witnessed so far (which is actually quite a bit with the volunteering I've done, conferences, parent night, etc...) the entire staff at Chance School is freaking amazing! They seem to be "on" all the time - and that's difficult to fake! I also LOVE the liberal attitude the school takes toward school and discipline. It's not like they're running around wild, but they use positive reinforcement and direction to correct behavior, plus teach a LOT of self-reliance which promotes self-confidence.

So the reason I'm cracking up today is this: when we got home from the gym this morning, I sat down at my computer (standard) and Connor ran off to make chaos in the family room (also standard). It wasn't 2 minutes after I sat down that he came up to me and started pulling at my leg.

"Watch TV, please mamma. Watch TV, please mamma." (a little louder the second time, of course.)

{And, for those of you who may not have a little one, at two years old, everything is repeated over and over and over and over again consistently without fail until you not only respond, but do whatever it is they are asking. FYI. ;) }

"Sesame Street, on? Sesame, on?"

So, we make the journey into the family room where I put on Sesame Street. Connor sits in "his" chair and then goes on to say:

"Crackers, apple juice... crackers, apple juice..."

HAHAH! I wonder where he gets this?? Sitting in front of the tube eating crackers!! LOL! Hilarious! Connor knows what he want .... and generally he wants it right now!

Now he's sitting in his highchair here next to me and I'm watching him pick every single veggie out of his bowl of pasta before he will eat it. He even says: "No" every time he finds a piece. This little mannerism I'm going to attribute to his dad!!

1 comment:

mrs.anketell said...

laughing at your comment how two year old's just repeat, repeat, repeat, until you do what they want!! hAhahahha!!! my two and a half year old boy does this to me all the time!!!