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Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion
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ABC Pure * Safe * Beneficial
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Too Much to Blog About... but a Fabulous Website

I am working on getting all the really great pics from the last couple of weeks ready to post on the blog! We have been running around like crazy people celebrating Connor's 2nd birthday, being in an out-of-town wedding for our very good friends, and our annual Huber's trip to drink wine and pick pumpkins!! Seriously, we are so not even close to being recovered from the last couple of weeks!

Connor at Hubers!

But for now, while I have a minute, I want to share a great website with you! A neighborhood friend of mine has teamed up with a friend of hers to start their own embroidery business! They craft so many cute, useful, and unique items! There is something for every occasion and age, and you can customize most anything!! Think: birthdays, weddings, bachelorette and bachelor parties, bridal party, Christmas, family reunions, school spirit, sports teams, new baby, etc... there is truly something for everyone!!

Please check it out when you get a chance! They are currently offering free shipping and a free gift with orders placed by October 15th!! Check it out now!!


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