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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Great Night Out!

Jamie and I headed to Lexington yesterday afternoon for the Beastie Ball, benefiting the Lexington Humane Society! Jamie's law firm sponsored a table, so we were able to spend the evening with many friends and acquaintances. It's always nice to have a night out on the town, especially when it's benefiting cute little fuzzy puppies!!

There was a really extensive selection of silent and live auction items, plus a lovely dinner, cocktails, and dancing! We spent the night at the hotel where the event was held and had a yummy breakfast at the Marriott restaurant this morning! 24 hours of baby-free relaxation and fun time! :)

As a bonus, I was able to wear a dress that I wore for our wedding rehearsal dinner over three years ago ... a dress I never really thought I would be able to wear (in public) again! Yea!

This week's big event is a Parent's Night Out for the parents of all the kids in Connor's class. We're hosting it at our house, so I've got lots of preparing to do!! Funny, it's actually been kind of nice to have an excuse to fix up the house a little bit! I've hung two big mirrors, several pictures, ordered and framed some wedding pics, and organized some shelves and cabinets. Also, we're having this new kitchen faucet installed this week!

I think it will update the look of our kitchen a lot. I'm super pumped! Funny the things that get me excited these days!!

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Amy said...

oooh I love that dress!! miss you roomie :(