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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Class Pictures and I Really Don't Love Halloween... sorry

At the parent-teacher conferences on Monday, we got the class pictures they had taken. OMG! They are the freakin' cutest pics I have even seen of Connor (and we have a lot of cute pics of him!) I'm afraid to scan and upload the pics for the blog b/c of copyrighting (does anyone know if that would be ok for me to do if I give the photographers credit? ) but you'll have to trust me, they are darn cute!

What I CAN show you are our Halloween pics. Don't get too excited - it's the same Elmo costume from last year! I had to bribe this child with Skittles just to get the thing on! He kept saying "Too big, Momma.... Too much, momma!" Basically, he wanted nothing to do with the costume. To make that even more abundantly clear, as soon as I got the crappin' costume on, he pooped and I had to take the entire thing off again to re-diaper him. Oh the whoas of motherhood. Gotta love full-body-one-piece-polyester-furry-costumes!

Not to sound like a bad parent, but we only went to our two neighboring houses with Connor this year. His idea of Halloween (besides eating the Skittles) was to hand out the candy to all the other little goblins...err.... children from the neighborhood. A O K with us... we'll have plenty of years to come where we're stuck trick-or-treating all night. (Now I can totally appreciate how relieved my parents were when I was old enough to go around the neighborhood with my little sister by ourselves... seriously!)

The original Halloween prankster ... Connor put all our decorations on the porch into his candy sak and took them inside!!

Halloween is just overrated to me. It's stressful to find a costume and it leaves us with tons of candy in the house - which we'll eat - which isn't good. But more pics...

"Anybody home?"

Connor trying to escape back into the house. Guess he's really not that into Halloween either!

Notice the one little piece of pumpkin garland I threw on our front bush. There. That's my decor (sense a litte sarcasm?)

How many days till Christmas?....

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