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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The First Few Weeks...

This is a blog entry I kept and didn't post before we let the cat out of the bag.  Most posts revolve around food and not feeling well, so not particulary that interesting, but anyway... just excuse the bad grammar, spelling, etc...

* did you know that a seltzer water or club soda tastes much like a well-poured vodka soda when served in a nice glass? or that a 4-ounce pour of red wine can actually last for 3 hours at a party? it's like the "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" question .... I've never actually made it happen, until now!

* running through the morning sickness! why, because of the half-bag of cheddar potato chips I ate yesterday night, courtesy of Archer Farms. also, i have about 5 christmas parties/ events coming up - and I bought new dresses for them, so I must still fit in them ... only 3 more weeks of caring, then i can really let loose. McD's drivethru here i come!

* morning sickness is in full swing on tuesday, Dec 8th. good thing Jamie took Connor to school today. I also had a bit of spotting ... so I'm actually kind of glad I'm having the morning sickness, it's a good sign.

* Jamie has a motion sickness watch thingy I've always made fun of. I got new batteries for it today and now wear it fashionably as part of my wardrobe.... because as ugly as it is, it's better than vomit.

* i still love to eat .... are you kidding me? i'm one of the only people I know who can actually power-eat though nausea.... sometimes it helps, sometimes I'm sorry.

* dirty diapers suck WAY more with a heightened since of smell. yikes

* apparently I cry at everything - at least 2 movie trailers before the movie even started made me tear up. wow.

* made jamie run to KFC for me tonight ... nothing else sounded good and I haven't eated all day... I think I might have to go there every day for the next few weeks.

* one thought today .... McDonalds sausage egg and cheese biscuit .... are you kidding me?  leaving now... Why can't McD's have breakfast all day?  Really?

* Ran a 4K race early this morning in 20 degree weather ... lot's of uphill which I wasn't expecting, but I didn't stop... I was probably the only runner wearing a motion sickness watch... finished pretty well, about 325 of 650 including men.  I really want to keep this running thing up as long as possible, I've worked so hard to be able to run a 5K!!

* feeling really crappy today .... it's 2 days after xmas and not recovered yet ... didn't get out of my PJ's and had McD's and pizza to eat ... I really wish I could go running right now, but I think I would pass out... really not a good day!

*  Still able to fit comfortably into most clothing, so finding holiday garb wasn't too bad! Funny, with Connor I wanted to start showing immediately... this time around, I had several outfits I planned out and bought for xmas parties, etc... so I was motivated to stay on track with working out, etc... we'll see what happens now that the holidays are over!
We are packing and preparing for a 9 hour drive ot New York tomorrow and Saturday!  Ugh!  Hopefully I'll be able to post some from the Big Apple!

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Kari said...

thanks for sharing, you are too cute. congrats on your expanding family!!