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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Ultrasound and Belly Pics!

I wanted to post these puppies on Monday, but I have just been feeling SO OVERWHELMED lately!  I think it's a mix of pregnancy hormones (duh .... just ask Jamie), trying to put all the Christmas stuff away, and getting ready to go out of town for a week.  There is a lot of other stuff, but from what I can figure, these are the biggies.  Anyway...

Our appointment went very well on Monday morning.  The ultrasound actually moved by due date up 6 days to August 1st because the baby measured 11 weeks and 1 day, instead of 10 weeks and 2 days like my cycle would indicate.  (OK, lets talk about this for a sec... I'm not going to argue with someone telling me I'm a week further along than we thought... let's face it, that's just a week less of pregnancy for free!  Sweet!  HOWEVER, I was closely monitoring my cycle by taking my basal body temp (BBT) every morning and using ovulation strips, etc... so I'm not completely 'sold' on this whole new-due-date thing... but we're going with it....)

The baby just kept flipping around and 'dancing' the throughout the entire ultrasound!  So cute!  I forgot how magical this experience is... it never gets old!  The heartbeat was excellent at 162 ... and listening to that never gets old, either!

I kept joking with the tech, asking her to look for a penis (which wouldn't even be possible to find at this point!) which she thought was funny .... but I was being serious!  You can see in the second picture how perfect of a shot it would be to see a little pee-pee if it were about 3-4 weeks down the road!  Oh well!

11 weeks, 1 day  (approx. 4.6 cm)

They already look cute and chubby, don't you think??

So our next appointment is for first trimester screenings, which means..... another ultrasound!  Yea!  With Connor, we got a video tape of this particular ultrasound (which subsequently was recorded over with a football game... it's a touchy subject... I'd rather not go into it) so I'm hoping we'll get one this time around, too!

In all the craziness, I find myself mentally making note of all the baby stuff I wish I had gotten with Connor and trying to figure out how we're eventually going to get it (this list is coming soon... basically a list of all the things that, as a new mom, I thought I needed, and then a list of all the things I now know I need and have to go get!)

Look for tomorrow's post .... my "super-early-before-we're-telling-anyone-pregnancy-journal-entries".

11 weeks


Amy said...

If SHE's dancing, it must be a girl!! :) haha. I'm so excited for you two!! And your pregnancy "belly" pic is too cute!

PS can I get that list of must-haves one day??

Rachie (Walker's Mom) said...

I am so excited for you and your itty baby bump! Conner is going to be such a great big brother. And all of us pi girls are rooting for a legacy;) - so sock it to us little one!