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Shirudo Antioxidant Lotion
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ABC Pure * Safe * Beneficial
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Updated for 2014: PMLE Prevention and Information! **UPDATED 2016 Links for USA/ Non-USA Shirudo Purchase**

Hello readers!  It's been a while since my last post ... undoubtedly it's easy for me to forget all about my sun-time whoa-is-me condition when we've had one of the worst winters the midwest and southeast has seen in years!  I'm well aware, however, that I have readers from every corner of the world who have stopped by to gather information and check for updates!

Let's start here:  I spoke to a representative with Shirudo, maker of the 'miracle' Antioxidant Lotion that many of us PMLE sufferers have bought, used, and loved the results.... and she assures me the lotion is on it's way back online!  They haven't stopped making it or forgotten about us!!  No judgement!  I, too, sort of freaked out at the 'UNAVAILABLE' status on the website!  So keep checking back for it to be re-stocked, and I will, of course, post on this blog when it's available again!
As of 2016 it's back in stock and ready to ship!!

I received MANY emails over the fall and winter asking if I have found any other lotion or remedy for PMLE ... specifically if there has been anything else, to my knowledge, created with the 'magic' AGR ingredient.  In short, NO!  And truthfully, I'm to a pretty content point in my research on this condition and how to prevent it!  With the mix of using this AGR lotion, sunscreen containing avobenzone (Parasol) and the occasional wide-brimmed hat for long days in the sun... I've hit a sweet spot with prevention!  And I'm soooo happy to have helped many of you, too!  I know many of us share the .... "If I hear, 'Oh, you must have sun poisoning' one more time I'm going to SCREAM" mentality... it's nice to know there are many of us out there, sun lovers or not, that suffer from this condition that even many doctors aren't knowledgeable about!

So that brings me to the current time.  We are leaving for a Spring Break the first week in April.  And while it's not super-south (think Florida Panhandle area) it is definitely the time of year that, in the past, I would suffer from the PMLE symptoms the most.  Why?  Being super-pale from the winter, having no base tan or natural protection from the sun's rays... that's the best I can guess.  Because we have gone on tropical vacations in late summer or early fall and the PMLE rash barely showed up, if at all, even before the Shirudo lotion!  I will certainly come back here with an update from that vacation.... just to share my most current experience.  

All this talk of sun and vacation has me yearning for it ... but, we are about to get pounded yet again with ice and snow... so.....  until next time!  Sending everyone happy, sunny thoughts!

See the sidebar to the right for previous, popular posts where you fill find all the info and reviews related to PMLE you could ever want!  And don't forget to read the comments!


Allie Holcomb said...


Thanks for helping me find Shirudo. Question: does this lotion react at all with a spray tan? Would it make a spray tan rub off, discolor, anything like that?

Thank you!

Tammy said...

I am 49 years old and have suffered from PMLE for about 30 years. I read your blog a couple of weeks prior to a vacation to florida. I took my normal Claritin, but added beta carotene, lycopene, vitamin D and heliocare. The Shirudo lotion did not come in time for me to try that, but I bought the Neutrogena sunscreen with helioplex. I just returned to day. I had one day where I had a little reaction on my arms. I took Benadryl and used my cortisone right away and it faded. I was able to be out in the sun for the first time in 30 years like a normal person...Yay!! Just had to share and tell you thanks for your blog. I am a RN and normally was told just to stay out of the sun. Now I can enjoy life!!

Anonymous said...

A Massive thank you for taking so much time and effort to help so many of us with this irritating problem. After years of suffering with PLE I was able to semi control it through annual PUVA/Psoralens therapy, which I sought privately as I live in UK . However, this would often be ineffective and result in a course of prednisilone as well. By the way, I'm not particularly fair skinned , have lived in the Far East and usually tan without tears or sunburn ! PLE first affected me when I was 30, went away for around 15 years and reappeared during a holiday in Kenya. I'm 59 now and until last year , would dread the onset of spring and subsequent need to cover up or suffer the consequences.
So, what happened ? I fell on your bog, quite by accident. We had planned a trip to St.Kitts during November. Having kept reasonably clear from rash during the summer I was extremely concerned that a stint in the sun during British Winter would be disasterous ! I read all of your advise and put myself on a regime for 4 months prior to my holiday . Every day I religiously took
30 mg Beta Carotene, Clarityn 1 a day, 15mg Lycopene, 100 mg Non Flush Niacin, 1000 mg Omega 3 Fish Oil and 1000 mg of Vit C. Rattling, I packed my bags, crossed my fingers and headed for the sun.
Each day I would smother myself in Boot's ( British Brand ) Sensitive sun creme Factor 30 at first then reduce to Factor 15 and take a 20 minute bathe in full , early morning sun. I would then retire to the shade and day by day increase my exposure. I would mix coconut oil and vit E oil with my sunscreen. Coconut oil is amazing and has been used as a natural sunscreen, in the Far East forever ! Vit E oil, added to sunscreen, has been shown to be very effective too.
By the second week of my holiday, I had a really gorgeous tan and absolutely NO reaction, anywhere !
I felt normal and more relaxed than I had felt in almost 30 years.
Next month, we return to the same island and I'm hoping for the same non reaction ! I've stuck to my regime all year and with any luck, I'll achieve the same results.
It's not possible to buy the amazing " Miracle " lotion in England yet. I'll be first in its que when it arrives, but until then, I shall continue to plod on with my cocktail of pills.
This blog has been a life saver to me. I didn't even realise that anyone else out there shared my complaint ! Thank you again for all the advise, support and research.
I'm beginning to believe , that together, despite lack of interest from most doctors, we can kick this thing into touch !
Here's to sunny days. Eliza . Somewhere in rainy old England . Xx

threadly said...

My 16-year old daughter suffers from PMLE and we thought to use a tanning bed for a few minutes a day this week to help de-sensitize her skin. However after the third treatment she came down with a full blown attack. I have ordered the Shirudo lotion for the future but what can we do now to help fade the very angry looking red rash on her legs? we have used oatmeal baths, benadryl and 1% cortisone cream over the past 2 days. Thanks for anybody's help!