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Monday, June 3, 2013

Shirudo Anti-Oxidant Lotion Follow-Up Review: 2013 (PMLE Prevention/Relief) **UPDATED 2016 LINKS**

I'm excited to share with you a very quick update on my use of the Shirudo Anti Oxidant Lotion for the prevention on Polymorphic Light Eruption symptoms!   

Now that the it's been bright and sunny here in the midwest and we've spent many days in a row by the pool, I'm even more convinced!  Just by simply applying this Shirudo lotion, as you would any other lotion,  my skin feels nice and silky - and 'calm' I guess you would say.  I never thought of myself as having sensitive skin (except for this sun allergy!) but I still find this lotion to be soothing. 

I've been applying it right before putting on my bathingsuit (it's just easier not to miss any small areas that way) and then spraying on my favorite Banana Boat Dry Oil SPF once I'm outside.  IF I spend more than an hour or two in the sun, or if I get wet in the pool, I go ahead and apply more of the Shirudo to my especially sensitive areas (neck, stomach, upper arms) and re-apply the sunscreen.

So far, not even a hint of the itchiness or red bumps.  My chest and stomach were a little red after last Wednesday's pool time (typically a little sunburn would speed up the process of the PMLE developing) and still no symptoms! 

I will point out we are spending 2 weeks at the beach in Southern California in July, and I will certainly be reporting back after that.  I consider that the 'big challenge' as beach conditions typically aggravate and speed up the PMLE for me personally!

Please check back for that review and click on the giant Shirudo Lotion bottle to buy and to learn more about the product!

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13 comments: said...

so nice blogger

Anonymous said...

i am trying to get my hubby to get this shirudo for me. (with money being tight, $50 bucks for lotion is a tough decision to make lol). how ever i think it will be worth it. my kids just got a pool this year so staying inside is out of the question! right now i use nuetrogena 100+ spf with helioplex for uva and uvb and it seems to do nothing. :( i have tried so many things and i am getting quite discouraged. i have been looking everywhere for this miracle anti-oxidant with absolutely no luck! BUT i did find that nivea has a uv lotion with it in it but so far no luck finding that as well :( the hunt continues! thank you for all of your post on pmle! it makes me feel better that i am not the only one going through this!

Kellee said...

Question: I also get the bumps/eruptions on my lips - however it says to avoid contact with the mouth? Does this lotion work on the lips?

Thank you, and looking forward to going outside without being miserable!

Claire Knights said...

My dad is bringing this back from the states for me...will update on how it goes...the eucerin sunblock has been good so far so in hoping to double dose!

Lorraine said...

I've also posted a 'review' on your previous page but will post it here too as it may be helpful ...

Afternoon all,

As promised, the results of the experiment with the new Shirudo lotion are as follows .....!

I would give it a 7 ½ out of 10. It helped but did not totally prevent a breakout. In saying that, I only got it on my arms whereas I would normally get it everywhere, and when I did get it, the lotion soothed the feeling of having a thousand needles stuck in my body! Also it delayed the breakout – i would normally get the ‘prickles’ after 2 days, followed by the rash – but by day 4 I was still mostly clear. It did flare up after day 4 but that could’ve been partly my fault as I got lazy and mixed the lotion with my suncream, rather than applying it before the suncream as directed. Also I went down to factor 15 and probably should’ve stayed at 30.

Overall, I would definitely use it again as it certainly helped. However I would make sure I applied it separately from suncream and stuck to factor 30 (ish). My holiday this year was far more pleasureable than many others so for me it was a huge improvement.

I got two bottles, plus shipping, plus duty (which I wasn’t expecting) total around £100 but worthwhile I think.

Anonymous said...

I just got diagnosed with PMLE, not having any outbreaks before, am taken by surprise since I am almost 60. Thanks so much for all the info. Bought my first bottle of Shirudo. Will report back.

Rick Boisclair said...

Any further updates from your July trip? I have PMLE and this year on vacation I resorted to wearing a UVA/B blocking long sleeve shirt. Worked great but it obviously doesn't cover my legs. My wife is a beach lover and I hate not being able to go with her and the family to hang out. The shirt helps a lot but if this could help with my legs that would be wonderful. Thanks.

Sandy said...

Hi,, I have suffered from PLE for 40 years now. Even when I lived in Singapore for a while and used to tan so easily, and unaware of the dangers of the sun in those days, never used sunscreen. It was the birth of my children that brought PLE on, but it was only in recent years that I found out the name for it. Over the years I have tried anything & everything to prevent it without much success but I have found that Ultrasun when used at home in the UK has been the best sunscreen yet for me. If I get caught out in the sun unexpectedly, without my sunscreen and the rash appears then I find Eumovate ointment (clobetasone butyrate 0.05%) is the only cream that will clear it. This is best on prescription when you will get 100g, if you buy it over the counter it's such a small tube it works out really expensive.

The first time I went on holiday to Egypt I stayed at the Hilton in Sharm-el-Sheik and on the 3rd day my rash was extremely bad. The hotel booked me an appointment with their local Doctor and he gave me one injection. Within an hour the swelling went down and the rash appeared to calm down a bit too. Now, usually when the PLE attacks me badly it can take 2 weeks or more to calm it down enough to not feel the need to cover it up. I had to avoid the sun for one day and the next day after that the rash was barely visible. So, I covered myself in Ultrasun and spent the rest of the holiday sunbathing and swimming all day long, temperatures in the mid 30s, and the rash didn't re-appear. I really was brown when I got home!

I spent my next holiday in Turkey but it wasn't quite so hot and the Ultrasun alone kept me clear until the penultimate day when we went on a boat trip & the crew removed the shading on the return trip.

I returned to Egypt again last year, to a different tourist area, and again on the third day the PLE struck with force. The hotel, just as previous, called a Doctor and he took one look at me, gave me the one injection, and it was a repeat of the previous time in Egypt and I enjoyed the rest of the holiday not bothered by it again. I have no idea what these injections contain, I suspect it is a steroid, but it works for me. I am sure that the Doctors there see many holiday makers with various degrees of PLE and are used to treating it. The injections cost approx £90, well worth it, I would gladly pay triple. I never claim under the holiday insurance as it would be rather dishonest of me, knowing it is a pre-existing complaint.

I have managed to get 2 bottles of the
Shirudo sent to me from the US and I am off to Egypt again in a couple of days time, for 2 weeks. I will use this and my Ultrasun in the hope that I won't have to visit a doctor and will update your blog when I return.

Also, good news for us in the UK, I am informed by Shirudo that they are setting up a factory in the UK and they hope to be able to start supplying it to us here in the coming spring.

Svetlozar said...

I like this blog :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Monica, I am from Brazil and I think I have PMLE. One year after my child born e started to itch really bad after beach.
I love this blog!
Next week I going to see my doctor and I will talk about PMLE.

Allie Holcomb said...

Hi! I'm Allie. I'm from Tennessee, and I've had PMLE for about 3 years now. I usually get spray tans before vacations and stay in the shade the whole time. Obviously, that's not very fun, and I often end up with a rash anyway.

I'm going to the Dominican Republic for 7 days next week, and I just ordered my first bottle of Shirudo. I am (of course) afraid it won't work, so I want to get a spray tan before my vacation in case I can't tan there at all. My question is: will the Shirudo lotion react with a spray tan at all? Would it make my spray tan rub off, discolor, etc?

Please let me know ASAP if you have any idea, as I'm trying to decide whether or not to buy a spray tan in the next few days.

Thank you!

Alisha said...

Hi! I have just found out after a year of rash and itchiness that I have PMLE. I feel frustrated because obviously it's annoying to put on sunscreen EVERY hour and a half to two hours and so I've been trying to get used to doing that all that time. Plus I am still trying to figure out which sunscreen I like the best (not too thick, doesn't leave too much white residue...). Anyway, I'm feeling frustrated again because I just got off of an oral steroid they gave me to get rid of the latest rash which was all over and very intense, but once I got done with that prescription, I can feel some of the rash coming back on different parts of my body. I don't want to have to always be on a steroid and it takes some getting used to always having to put on sunscreen. Anyway....I'm thankful to have found your post and another one on PMLE. What do you use for when the rash help relieve the itchiness and to get it to go away again without using a strong oral steroid? I would LOVE to get the miracle lotion you mentioned, but $45 for 8 oz. is really expensive for us! I'm just hoping maybe I can dialogue with you and others as I try to learn how to manage this. Thanks a lot! -Alisha, San Diego, CA

Brenda Braun said...

Hi there,
I am in South Africa and akso suffer PLE, is your product available through an agent in SA