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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looooong Weekend!

Normal people look forward to long weekends like it's Christmas or happy hour, and when I was working, I did too. I would have it circled in bright-pink highlighter marker on my calendar as a beacon to look forward to. However, times have changed. Now a long weekend basically means a change in Connor and my schedule - and I'm not sure which one of us gets more cranky when our schedule is changed. Anyway - I am also especially not fond of Labor Day because it marks the end of summer - truly: no more white pants (although I'm still wearing them if I want, who is anyone else to judge? if people can wear acid wash jeans 2 sizes too small in public, what is the harm is some mid-weight cotton blend white trousers after Labor Day?) plus, the pool is closing.

Yesterday we spent what is probably our last day at the pool with the family. It started out cloudy which meant it was too cool to get into the pool with Connor (no biggie - you still get rays in the clouds, right?) so we took Connor for a walk in his stroller and he took about an hour nap (I think Jamie did too :) and then it ended up sunny - which we preceded to complain about because it was too hot. We played with Connor in the baby pool for a while and then headed home. Sigh. Our last pool day.

Actually, I'm thinking of this as my permission to stop worrying about swimsuit season and start gearing up for what I like to call "Eating Season", which begins with Football season, includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Superbowl, and HOPEFULLY ends with Valentines Day - just enough time to HOPEFULLY get yourself back on track for Memorial Day - which marks the beginning of swimsuit season once again. I say hopefully because, as we know, even the best made plans and efforts sometimes are not possible! Jamie, who is clearly not well versed in how I plan my life around these "seasons" has suggested possibly taking a trip to the Caribbean in March. This will COMPLETELY mess with the seasons, or I'll only have about a month to transition between "Eating" and "Swimsuit" - I'll keep you posted on what's going to happen here.

On a gross note - well, sad really, I cut my finger (BAD) on a mandolin slicer making us crunchy potatoes for dinner last week and it is NOT healing well. This is what I get for trying to do something creative. Anyway, it's hard to type not because of the ginormous band aid on my left hand ring finger (which by the way prevents me from being able to take my ring off at will and is the hand I write and eat with, so this really sucks - hopefully it will be healed by Eating Season - haha ;)

Well, I'm off to fold laundry, hang our UK window flag from my car, shower and dress myself in blue before Connor wakes up! GO CATS!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Few Things

First, I would like to know why my blog is uglier than everyone elses?!?! I know I am new to this whole thing, but I'm not really digging the whole polka-dot / simplicity thing that my blog has going on and if someone would please comment on how I could upgrade to a blog template worthy of admiring, I would really appreciate it. For now, I've gone to this awesome brown one - cool.

Also, Connor is trying to get this forth tooth through any day now, the top left one, so we've been going through an unfortunate fussy/ sleeping less than usual time. He actually wanting to use the pacifier for the first time (which I'm not loving) but at this point I feel like I have to do whatever makes him happy! I love him and if a tiny piece of silicone in him mouth makes him happy and calm, who am I to judge?

On to more important things: I was reading in my "What to Expect the First Year" book that a baby should be able to stack up to 4 blocks by age one. What? Are you kidding? This basically shoved my mommy-confidence down to ground zero for a couple of reasons:
One, I didn't even have blocks for Connor to be playing with!! What kind of mom am I? We have an activity table, balls, rattles, etc.... but no blocks?? I basically set my child up for failure by not even GIVING him blocks to play with - how in the WORLD will he be able to stack 4 blocks in one month!?!?! AHHHH! Needless to say, we made an immediate trip to Target and bought some blocks, stacking cups, etc... and have been working on this ever since. Kind of like Olympic training - but for our one year check-up.
Two, Connor pretty much only knows how to tear things down, not build them up. (Does this mean I'm a bad mom? - internal dialogue) He LOVES to throw things on the floor - enjoying the loud crash and the attention he can command. He LOVES emptying drawers and destroying organization to shelves and anything within his reach. But building or stacking something? This is a laughable idea at this point.

I can just see us at our 12 month doctor check up - they ask:

Is he pulling up on things?
Is he "cruising" around on tables, furniture, etc?
Is he pointing to things and eating solid foods three times daily?
Finally, and most importantly, is he stacking 4 blocks on top of each other?
We will be working on this for the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.

So, I may not be raising the next Einstein, but there is no one elses diaper I would rather be changing, and every day I feel like Connor and I build a stronger bond. Today, we ate at QDoba at the Summit and we had the best time! I am already dreading the day when I have to send him off to pre-school :( Until then, we'll keep having fun! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Top 5

Top 5 Signs That You (I) Really Need a Job or Something Else to Do With Your (my) Life During the Day Besides Being a Mommy:

5. When you have planned, down to every detail, a one-year-old's birthday and it's still a month before the party. I admit, everything has been purchased and organized in one corner of my bedroom - Connor's outfit is picked out - I'm really excited.

4. When going to a mundane place such as Kroger, the post office, or the gym becomes the highlight of your day. What's worse, I will even go out of my way to make conversation with people I never would have talked to before - this is something I used to witness people doing and didn't understand... now I do, I love Connor, but he's not much of a talker.

3. When you check the tracking number for the status of a package you're expecting every other hour. Don't pretend like you've never done this. Online shopping is awesome - and I'm pretty sure I keep the UPS guy in our area in his toes. He doesn't even ring the doorbell anymore! It's like playing a video game - the tracking will show it's left Lexington, and then BOOM, and hour later, your package is in Louisville and "out for delivery". Beautiful.

2. When you have a blog - I think this one is obvious. I know there are people who have blogs that DO work, but I probably wouldn't.

1. When you find out your adult ballet class will not be performing a recital and you're actually secretly disappointed. Yes, I'm just doing the classes for fun and exercise, but I would be lying if I said there wasn't a little part of me who wanted to do a recital or something gosh-awful Jamie would have to sit though ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Game

Unless you're living on a different planet (or potentially just in a different state) you know that this Sunday is the annual Kentucky verses Louisville football game. Obviously, our house will be wearing a lot of blue and I will be wishing I was back in Lexington where EVERYONE cheers for the right team, instead of here where it is a constant battle.

Anyway, here is something I have never understood : putting both a UK and UofL flag on your car at the same time. Something about this just makes me laugh. You cannot cheer for both teams - not when they're playing each other!! When they are playing each other you must make a decision of allegiance. Maybe I feel this way because I was raised in Louisville, but under the "Wildcat Religion" which clearly states you cannot cheer for your biggest rival - ever- even if, as people who don't understand like to point out, you live in Louisville. To place a Louisville flag right next to a Kentucky flag on your car should be illegal (in fact, it might be - I'm sure it's a city ordinance in Lexington).

I digress - I kind of feel better getting this off my chest. I'm thinking of carrying a camera with me in the car so I can catch a picture of this rare event. I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Day-to-Day

Well, we are adjusting to not having the neighborhood pool open everyday. It sucks. Now that the schools are back up and running, the pool doesn't open until 4, so Connor and I are stuck either going to the gym (ugh) or shopping (must stop that!) or hanging out at home (kind of boring). So, I am spending the next week or so getting us signed up for all kinds of stuff to actually do this fall and winter so we are not bored. Bored = eating all day, spending too much money, and getting nothing done. I'm starting ballet classes this week, which is a good start to finding myself stuff to do, but that's in the evening which cuts into my Jamie-time, so that's the only thing I want to schedule at night. I'm thinking of doing the swimming lessons again with Connor, which I feel were super productive as he is now completely loving water and baths, and this summer at the pool has been a joy because of those lessons. I guess I need to add this to my list of things to do - I guess I'll put it on next week!

Jamie and I are planning our second anniversary celebration, which should be a lot more fun than last year's considering I was 9 months prego. Last year, Jamie took me to the greatest B&B and we had dinner at Jeff Ruby's (were we had our rehearsal dinner) and everything was a total surprise - it was awesome! When we checked in to the B&B, I swear the lady looked at me like, "Please do not give birth in our nicest suite."... she even asked when I was due, it was pretty obvious she was concerned ... especially when we both laughed and were like, "Any day now!" haha :) (see picture - us at Jeff Ruby's!)

Anyway, this year, we're having to be a little less "spontaneous" about our plans since we have a baby and 2 dogs to deal with. I'm just happy to be able to have wine with dinner (minus the terrible heart burn) and sleep in a place where I don't feel compelled to do laundry at 11 o'clock at night. I swear, I would sleep at the Red Roof Inn by the airport and not even care - it is just SO nice to sleep outside of the house sometimes - what a break!

OK - trying to get to bed before 12 tonight - so I am out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Cutest

Some days I just have to sit back and marvel at the fact that I can love something as much as I love Connor. A little stinker (literally) who poops, and pees, and cries, and drools, and bites, and throws food on the floor, and breaks things, and costs so much money. How on earth can I love something this rotten so much? I truly believe this is one of those things that parents can tell you about, and how great it will be and how much unconditional love you are going to have, and you think, "Yeah, that's cool." and just kind of move on with your life, not really thinking much about it.
I remember when I was pregnant and people would ask how I felt and how things were going and I would complain about different symptoms depending on the trimester (I will spare you those details) and think, "Ugh, I love being pregnant, but what other kind of havoc can this little thing cause my body to go through?" And then, you go into labor ... and it gets like 1000 times worse. And even still, the baby comes out of you after (presumably) hours of pain and labor and BOOM - you love it! Amazing.
I'm not a mushy person, but when I watch my little bubba scoot across the floor on his hands and knees, noticing his pale, dimply little thighs giggle upon each movement, and then he stops, turns, then plops down on his little diapered tushy and smiles at me with a scrunched up nose and drool stretching down to his chin, I can't help but think: this is as good as it gets.
It sounds cliche. I hate that. But just sitting here thinking about it makes me want to go upstairs and just stare at Connor sleeping in his crib right now, not even caring if I wake him up because then I would get to pick him up and cuddle for a couple minutes (funny how perspectives change on this topic when the baby actually starts sleeping through the night - up until about 6 months, waking Connor up in the middle of the night was NOT a laughing matter - come to think about it, it wasn't until about 6 months that I didn't use every extra second of Connor-sleep-time to just sit/ sleep and relax - certainly not taking the time to do a measly blog!).
Back to the topic - I just wish I could bottle the feelings of watching all of Connor's many "firsts" because I know raising a child only gets harder and more thankless as they grow older. But until someone invents that technology, I'm off to the nursery before I head to bed myself. Jamie is sleeping on the couch "watching" Transformers - guess I'll wake him up.
Once you become a mom, for better or for worse, you suddenly become everyone's mother. If only I had known that, I would have bought way more parenting books! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Know It's the End of the Summer When ....

A Top 5 (Because I Don't Have Time For a Top 10 This Week)

5. Sunscreen: Yes, sunscreen is an important part of summer (we live on Coppertone Babies Continuous Spray SPF 50), yet as the end of the hot and sunny days quickly approaches, I find myself limiting the sunscreen usage (on myself, not Connor, of course!) because I feel like everyday could potentially be the last nice day to lay out. Juvenile? Yes. Unhealthy? Yes. No lectures please, I like a nice tan and Connor and I have taken full advantage of being able to go to the pool all summer ... see you at the Botox counter in 2025.

4. KY State Fair: Ah yes, the annual festival of horrible fried foods and mullets. We go at least twice. And take the camera. We never take pictures of us, but of the wonderful selection of Kentuckians (and southern Indiana) that surround us when we're there. I don't mean the "farmer" type who live on farms and breed animals - I actually respect the pride they take in their family and trade, even if grooming and milking a goat doesn't sound good to me, who am I to judge? I like Britney Spears. No, I'm talking about the men and women wearing their nicest black tapered jeans and wife-beater tanks, a cig in one hand and a baby in the other, donning the freshly groomed mullet (male or female) hair-do. I love it. If you aren't from here, you aren't really allowed to judge because you just sound kind of mean.... on the other hand, if you grew up here like I did, it's nice to fun watch in amazement and thank your lucky stars you turned out as good as you did. Nuff said.

3. Woodmont pool is not open during the day: I knew this one was coming. School is back in session and now Connor and I are stuck hanging out in the back yard and the 6 inch baby pool on the deck. The pool does open at 4, but what's the point of that? (see #5)

2. Halloween and Christmas decor is already on store shelves: I think we're all noticed this. Heaven forbid you should actually be looking for summer clothing or decor right now because that was clearanced out in April to make room for winter coats, Halloween candy, and Santa wreathes. (secretly, I really don't mind this - I get REALLY excited for Christmas)

1. Connor is almost one!! I remember debating this time last year if he was going to be a summer of fall baby. Due on October 4th, he made he debut on September 26th last year (see picture from August LAST year). We are having a huge 1st B-day party bash for him at the neighborhood clubhouse and I'm so excited. I'm not even delusional enough to think Connor cares, but I'm having a great time planning it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Good 2 B Home!

Finally, we are back home from our vacation to Huntington Beach, CA to visit Jamie's parents. I use the term vacation loosely, as we did have to take Connor, who is more and more independent and acrobatic everyday, on a 2-leg plane ride cross-country. Anyway, my sister came with us to help with Connor (thank God, because there is no way I could have done it by myself) and Jamie hung back in the Ville so he could catch up on some work.

Day 1, Connor's 1st Plane Ride: First off, we did not use Benadryl or cough medicine for Connor as prescribed by all mothers who offered their opinions on air travel. Not that I'm against the use of medications to subdue a child (believe me, I am not!) but I just never got around to giving it to him and I had this sweet little idea that my perfect child would get on the plane, get sleepy, and just sleep 8 hours like a perfect little angel while we traveled in a hot stuffy plane and trekked through a loud airport. Hilarious. The first whole 5 minutes went great, then we started to take off, so like a good mommy I took out the little 4 ounce bottle of apple juice cut with 50% water and popped it into his little mouth as we lifted off the ground (FYI to those who haven't flown with babies - lucky - this is to keep the ears comfortable or some crap, anyway). Apparently, since Connor isn't used to drinking the juice from a bottle (duh, why didn't I think of that???) he started choking on it and threw up ALL OVER me. Yes, it was as horrible as it sounds I PROMISE. AND, on top of everything else, it really did smell like puke, not just spit up. So, as I am sitting in a puddle of puke for 2 hours until we get to Denver, I'm sure the people around me are thrilled. Whatever ....
Eventually he does go to sleep right as we're getting ready to land and we keep him that way through our huge 2 minute layover in Denver and for most of the second flight until we got to Orange County. When we got to Jamie's parent's house it was 3 am Louisville time ... needless to say, Lisa and I were exhausted.
Oh yeah, and in true airline fashion, they broke our new Mia Moda stroller that we gate checked, so we didn't have a stroller for the first couple days of our trip. Awesome.
As a side note, we flew to LA for only $250 on Frontier Airline (yes, the bankrupt one) and it was probably the best customer service and flights we've ever had - no delays, no lost baggage, and they were very helpful with the broken stroller incident. At least there are still a few people left in this country who still appreciate and take pride in the work and customer service they provide ... even if they might not get their next paycheck.

Days 2-6, Grammy is taking care of Connor, life is good: My sister and I go to the beach and life is good. Funny story, some weirdo was asking girls to put sun lotion on his back - random - eeww- and everyone was saying "no". (hasn't this guy heard of the continuous spray lotion?) So, turns out, as we watch him walk to the ocean he makes some comment about being "red" and we notice he has a big swastika tattooed on his arm. Needless to say, this was an uncomfortable situation that warranted us moving our towels. The west coast is pretty long, why tan next to a Nazi?
I also had the opportunity to scout out some great plastic surgery options while we were on the beach. Gotta love LA. Also, as an end note to this vacation, I don't care how many butt crunches you do at the gym (girl or guy) a thong is still disgusting. I'm entitled to my opinion.

Day 7, We Fly Home: As a more schooled mommy-of-flying-baby we nixed the apple juice this time around and introduced the well-loved and tested pacifier. The flights on the way back were SO much smoother than on the way there (plus earlier in the day) and Connor did great! The only snafu, our mini-DVD player broke (hex on Sony) but I will be going to Circuit City later this weekend and getting that worked out!!

So, now we're home and heading to the KY State Fair here in a couple minutes. I KNOW I will have some stories for ya about this experience. I'll keep you posted...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend of Louisville Fun!

Well, it's August, which I cannot even believe (except when I walk outside and then it's very believable at 100 degrees ... but anyway). This past weekend was the first weekend in a long time that we were all home together... between vacations and road trips, we haven't exactly spent a lot of time at home lately (and we're leaving in 2 days for a week trip to Huntington Beach, but that's a story for another post) . On Friday, we went to my parents house for a little family/ aunt's birthday get-together. I was super excited to try a recipe for baked jalapeno poppers with my sack of organic, homegrown jalapenos I got from the Farmer's Market in downtown Lexington on Tuesday when we went to visit Dad. Barring the severe burning of my hands I suffered through for the rest of the weekend (the recipe does recommend using gloves, advice that I wish I had not disregarded) everything went very smoothly and I totally recommend everyone make them! Seriously, they were all eaten and received raved reviews. This is somewhat uncharted territory for me - this whole, cooking-good-things-that-look-very-complicated-and-taste-awesome territory. Normally, I'm more of a "I'll bring the chips and dip!" sort of gal. Any who, check out the recipe - it's awesome!

That brings us to Saturday. Another family reunion in J Town. This one was during the day, which I was dreading because of the heat, but it ended up not being that bad. Many of the people there hadn't seen Connor yet, so my parent and grandparents had a fun time showing him off! Saturday night we headed to the St. Joe's picnic (sans Connor, thanks to my mom, aka Grandma Sue) to meet Amanda and Scott for some good 'ole Catholic gambling and beer drinking (you have to love Catholics - well, if not, at least respect their knack for having a good time). The crowd was giant and it ended up being a pleasant temperature by the time we got there. Most of our time there was spent eyeing the teenagers and commenting on how they were dressed and acting .... "Did we dress like that?" "No, surely not." "Is that girl even 18? Why does she have a beer in her hand?" You know the drill. Standing about 100 feet away, over by the beer tent and the "Win a Fern" booth, the moms in their bermuda shorts and halter tops, and dads in their U of L t-shirts with beer koozies must have been proud. I digress....

Sunday we went to the neighborhood pool where I decided that we are never going back to the pool on a weekend ... ever! I guess we're spoiled from the smaller crowds on the week days, but we couldn't even get a table with an umbrella = no shade for Connor, and we were being crowded out by this group next to us who didn't seem to have the general understanding of personal space. Connor had a good time though, and Jamie took him home for a nap and I could stay for about an hour as a free woman by myself, so all in all, it wasn't too bad.

So, fast forward to good old Tuesday and I really NEED to get off the computer and start packing for our trip to see Jamie's parents... plus I'm going to see Mama Mia tonight - so, until tomorrow ...