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Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Venture ... and Christmas Pictures!

After much debate, I have decided to at least attempt to make my way back into the working world (sort-of!) by becoming an Independent Consultant for Discovery Toys, Inc. They make fun, colorful toys that focus on learning and cognitive development... which is great, but I really wanted to get started in this for a few other reasons.

Growing up, we had TONS of Discovery Toys (DT's) that we played with a lot ... and by WE, I mean myself, my sister, cousins, etc... my mom even has a few of these toys mixed in with the things that Connor plays with at her house! Amazing! Toys from 20 years ago and still going strong!
Which brings me to the other great thing about DT... the have a lifetime guarantee! No matter how, why, or when they are broken, the company takes care of it! Especially important to day cares, schools, etc... this is also good for people looking for good solid toy investments (better than the stock market .... hehehe!)
I also liked the idea of a product that basically sells itself, the parties are quick, fun and painless and basically just involve. playing with the toys and taking home a catalog (no makeup application, trying on clothes, etc...) You just grab some coffee and cookies and play with toys in the floor! A fun social time for parents, grandparents, teachers, church and daycare directors, aunts and uncles, and anyone who has to buy kids a gift throughout the year and has no idea what to get! All these toys are kid and parent approved!
The final "last straw" reason I chose to do this is because no one I asked had even heard of these toys ... which I found pretty shocking! There is always an ebb and flow to the popularity of things like this, so I'm hoping to get DT back on the upswing in the Louisville and Kentucky area! (So, obviously, if you're interested in hosting a show and getting free toys and having a fun night with your friends, just let me know!
Now for something you don't have to read! Pictures! These are from Christmas Day, as promised!

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