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Monday, January 5, 2009

Past or Future?

I think all of us has fallen into the trap of living in either the past or the future ... but not for today. I know this is especially true with things like relationships, jobs, friendships, and also with being a parent. I find myself looking forward to the milestones like walking, talking, rolling over, preschool, etc... and wishing away the present. All the while, I look at a mom carrying her baby in a carrier and think "Wow, that was so much easier! I miss that!" or I see teeny tiny little preemie outfits and fight back tears because I remember how they used to be big on Connor when he was first born! (This, by the way, is the reason I have to immediately store all of C's clothes in tubs in the basement once he grows out of them, to avoid any unnecessary torture and tears!)

But, is it worse to live in the past or in the future? My goal is to start living for today, but that is extremely hard! This is especially the case when you are having a crazy busy week, or a child is sick or going through a difficult stage and all you can think is "Please God, just let me get through this next week!!".

So, all of this just to say: I am going to start posting my "Top 5 Things To Do This Week" list again on the side of the blog, and I'm also going to talk about a resolution I am making and how I'm doing with it in this post! (For as long as I can keep up with it .... which maybe should be a resolution!? Anyway..."

For this week and last week:

"Live in the Present" Enjoy my time with Connor, Jamie, family and friends as if it might not last forever. Start looking forward to the future instead of wishing for the future to be here soon.

"Spend less time on the computer!" This kind of goes with the above resolution, because I'll spend more time interacting with above named people, but there are other benefits. One, I constantly battle carpal tunnel (thanks to my last couple of jobs) so the less typing and mouse-maneuvering, the better! Two, I spend money shopping online. Enough said. This will be difficult since the majority of my business with Discovery Toys is currently online... but I like a challenge!

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