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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Helpful' Confessions of a Shopaholic

There is no doubt that by any standard, I not only spend too much money on clothing and accessories for myself, but also on my child. However, I do think there is a lack of understanding of the part of most people about where the deals really are! Sales, overstocks, last year's version, eBay, online coupon and promo codes, Ebates, credit card rewards programs, extra percents off, etc... are all things you must be familiar with in order to, simply put, not get screwed while shopping ... especially when online shopping (which as you know, is a personal fave of mine!)

So many times, my mom has ordered something from Ann Taylor, LOFT, Talbots, or Banana without a free shipping or discount code! And I'm like, "What? You NEVER do that!" But she just didn't know!

Same goes with my J.Crew wardrobe obsession... while I adore shopping at JC, both online and in the store, it is a rare day that I purchase anything full price (or even close to it!) which is what allows me to buy so many pieces and spend so much time shopping without running out of money on the first summer sundress! I enjoy shopping, so for me, this is fun and kind if a hobby! Snagging a great deal gives me a high... I know this sounds like an addiction...hmmm... it probably is. Shh, don't tell!

Some people just simply buy things they like when they see them, never concerned with the fact that it's half-price the next week or whatever. That drives me crazy!! If that's you, that's great that you can sleep at night, but I certainly would not be able to! Obviously, part of the equation of getting a great deal is just experience in knowing what merchandise is going to stick around to make it to the sale, and what pieces most certainly will not!! There are tricks to the trade, but luck and timing also have a lot to do with it! A blog I read daily to make sure I'm getting the best deal on my JC purchases is! It is the BEST BEST BEST site for discussing JC sales, deals, specific items, fit, colors, etc... plus any time there is a great Banana or LOFT, etc... deal or coupon, someone always lists it there, too! I also love to find promo coupons for shopping online! Another aspect to snagging great deals is having the time to research and obsess over it!

Part 2 - Coming Tomorrow - "Confessions of a Shopaholic - Best Dress Baby"

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