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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wonderful World of Preschool

Connor has been in preschool now for about two months and OH the the improvements and changes we have seen in our little guy! For any mom out there that questions the value of finding an excellent preschool, let me be clear: it is totally worth it!

As a stay-at-home mom, there was definitely some question as to whether of not we really needed to enroll Connor in a preschool. After all, we were going to Gymboree, the play room at the gym, and now 2-year-old soccer play where Connor gets plenty of interaction with other children. However, even the best mom with the best kids needs a little break in the action every now and then.

Once decided to pursue the preschool option, we quickly found the perfect fit. Out wishes were pretty simple: non-denominational, an actual school setting (NOT a daycare), and offering options for a young 2-year-old without potty training expectations. Since most preschools in our area are either run through a daycare facility or church, it made our search short and sweet!

The first day he brought home his bookbag filled with arts and crafts and paintings, I was so proud my heart almost hurt! I am just so proud of my little boy! And, the best part, he absolutely LOVEs his 6 hours of mommy-free time at school (and so does momma!)

Yesterday, he brought home a progress report from his teacher in preparation for our parent/ teacher conferences next Monday. (I guess "progress report" is the new lingo for a "report card" ;) A preschool report card is truly hilarious, but so on the money regarding their specific development areas and benchmarks. Criteria include things like the child's ability to dress themselves, wash & dry hands, sit still, follow one and two-step directions, etc.. Each area has 2 options for a "grade": developing and usually.

Most of Connor's checks were in the usually column, with a few in the developing column (and a couple of no's written in... specifically in the "dressing one's self" which he does not do! :) The teacher's complimented him very much and suggested that the best way we can help him as parents right now is to let him do more activities such as eating and hanging up his coat and bag on his own to build self-confidence. (Apparently, Connor uses the smile-and-flirt-to-get-adults-to-help-me tactic at school, just like at home! I taught him well! haha ;)

We couldn't be happier with Connor's progress in school so far! Especially as the very youngest kid in his school, as he just made the October 1st birthday cut-off by 4 days! We are also thrilled with our choice to enroll Connor in preschool at two, and with the school we picked! I'm having a fun time meeting other parents, volunteering on committees, and even hosting our Parent's Night Out at our house next month (since I'm a room parent!) We've really jumped right in!

As a bonus, a couple of ME days a week are nice to have. Simply having the time to shower and blow-out my hair, or vacuum or scrapbook is great! I can appreciate the luxury of being able to try clothing on while shopping, I can actually walk past the toy/sports section of Target without spending an hour explaining that we "have all of those things at home .... they have to stay here!", and I can hop in and out of the car to run about 10 errands in the time it takes to run 2 errands with Connor in tow!

I'll post more updates regarding our school experience as the year progresses!

I leave you with a couple of pics from our trip to the Louisville Zoo last week!!

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