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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kick ALERT! And, Right on Cue ... 16 Weeks!

I thought I might just be imagining it on Valentine's Day while we were out for dinner (or just digesting food!) but I was pretty sure I felt a kick!

Then, yesterday, I was pretty sure again.  So (just like a girl with pretty much nothing better to do because we've been locked in the dang house due to this snow crap for days!) I layed down flat on the bed and watched and felt my tummy for about 20 minutes.  And, sure enough, very definite kicks!  YEA!

After I got up, I started laughing because I just imagined how funny I would have looked just laying down staring at my stomach if someone walked in on me!  HA!  I seriously don't care!  Plus, Connor was the only other person in the house and I'm pretty certain he wouldn't think anything of it!  :)

It's kind of odd because with Connor I felt tickles and bubbles in the belly area around 15-16 weeks pregnant for a couple of weeks at least before feeling kicks.  This time, I might have felt some tickles and bubbles, but nothing definite!  I guess every pregnancy is different!

So now, I'm officially obsessed with finding out the sex of the baby again!  I think when you actually start feeling the baby move, it really helps me connect to know the sex.  ie. "Oh, she (or he) kicked again!" instead of "Oh, IT kicked again!" 

Anyway, I leave you with belly pics, plus a couple others!  This is the first belly pic worth posting since the last one... there wasn't a lot of change until just very recently!

Connor and Papaw Tomes

Valentine's Day dinner night out!

Belly Pic @ 14 weeks

  Belly Pic @ 16 weeks


Kathy said...

It is so exciting to get those first kicks! You are glowing in your photo, you look beautiful!

Ashley Stone said...

so sweet!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Cute pics! I bet you're excited to find out the sex soon!

The Baby Cove said...

Awww the first kicks! So awesome!!